Ending Mind Created Suffering

There were three main approaches that we have covered in the quest to reduce or end mind created suffering.

  1. Be present with whatever is present. Allow yourself to be there with whatever is there. And although there may be various thoughts and strong emotions, give your self permission to be present with them as well. In other words be present with whatever is being experienced either inside or out.

  2. Question your thoughts and instincts. Ask, is this true. Can I absolutely know that this is true. Give your self the possibility of seeing if something is true, not just believing it just because you had the thought or the feeling. As we have all seen, thoughts and feelings lie to us all the time. We have to know this for ourselves. So when a negative thought arises, rather than just assuming it is true, inquire into your self.

  3. Release the emotion without expressing it. Just like when we were young and we had the ability to just let an emotion go and move on to the next thing. Re-find the ability to experience the emotion and then just let it go. You could ask your self, could I let this emotion go, if I could would I, if I would when. Now is always the correct answerer.

We  said that the current way we are running our minds is certain areas is not working so why not experiment with new ways. Like any new skill it will take time and practice. Practice with the idea of continually refining your approach. Just like shooting baskets you have to practice and make adjustments.

So to with any of the ways of being we have discussed. Practice and make adjustments as needed. But also make sure you pay attention to results. We want results and it is important that you see when something is working for you over time.