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Emvita | Rubimed

Psychosomatic Energetics (psycho – mind, soma – body: PSE) is a revolutionary modality based upon research that examined centuries-old chakra and aura theories in the modern context of the new horizons of biophysics and homeopathic treatment developments.*

German physician and researcher, Dr. Reimar Banis, developed technology that could be utilized in a clinical setting to identify and correct those energetic influences in the body believed to be causal in disease, healing and wellness.*

Dr. Banis found that in the context of PSE, traumata (referred to as conflict) that cannot be processed by the patient, is repressed and becomes stored in the human subtle energy field. Here it leads an energetic life of its own, somewhat like an intestinal parasite, depleting the host’s energy reserves and contributing to physical and/or mental disorders.*

Patients commonly first feel the conflict like a heavy load in the mind and physical body. Where the conflict is unresolved, the body may progressively acclimatize, coping with the energy depletion. Eventually patients can dissociate symptoms from the original cause and become accustomed to experiencing a new normal.*

Healers, shamans, counselors and therapists have, for centuries, spoken and written about the physical influence that unresolved emotional conflicts and lifestyle stressors impose upon the physical body. PSE research was undertaken to empower practitioners to achieve resolution of these complaints.*

PSE is now used worldwide. Hundreds of practitioners have been utilizing PSE in Europe over the past 15 years and have demonstrated the benefits delivered to many thousands of patients there. PSE was introduced to Canada 10 years ago and more recently, an initiative has been undertaken to re-launch this awareness in the U.S. practitioner community.*


The benefits of the Psychosomatic Energetics modality are best told by the patients. Many testimonials from patients and doctors telling about personal permanent health transformations are available on the internet*


Used in combination with the Chakra Remedies. When using purchase the appropriate Chavita remedy along with the Emvita Remedy*

Chakra 1*
1st emotional remedy Emvita (1): Self esttem*
2nd emotional remedy Emvita (2): Lack of concentration*
3rd emotional remedy Emvita (3): Delivered*
4th emotional remedy Emvita (4): Extreme self controlled*

Chakra 2*
5th emotional remedy Emvita (5): Hectic, nervous*
6th emotional remedy Emvita (6): Hold out, somatized fears*
7th emotional remedy Emvita (7): Putative strength, defiant*

Chakra 3*
8th emotional remedy Emvita (8): Isolate*
9th emotional remedy Emvita (9): Exploding*
10th emotional remedy Emvita (10): Increase wish to possess*
11th emotional remedy Emvita (11): Hungry for good feelings*

Chakra 4*
12th emotional remedy Emvita (12): Intellectually overstrained*
13th emotional remedy Emvita (13): Deeply injures, pulled retour*
14th emotional remedy Emvita (14): Included, compulsions*
15th emotional remedy Emvita (15): Intimidated*
16th emotional remedy Emvita (16): Panic*

Chakra 5*
17th emotional remedy Emvita (17): Lack of empathy*
18th emotional remedy( Emvita (18): Hasty*

Chakra 6*
19th emotional remedy Emvita (19): Timid, discouraged*
20th emotional remedy Emvita (20): Self-sufficiency*
21st emotional remedy Emvita (21): Physically overstrained*
22nd emotional remedy Emvita (22): Unrest, mental oversteer*
23rd emotional remedy Emvita (23): Tense*
24th emotional remedy Emvita (24): Discomfort, ill feelings*

Chakra 7*
25th emotional remedy Emvita (25): Suspicion*
26th emotional remedy Emvita (26): Putting credit over being*
27th emotional remedy Emvita (27): Not wanting eyesight reality*
28th emotional remedy Emvita (28): Thinking wrongly*

Emvita | Rubimed

Take 12 drops two times a day or as directed by a practitioner.

 Gluten Free

In a base of grape alcohol.

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