Levels of EMF Protection

Choose your Level of EMF Protection based on your lifestyle







Essential - Basic but Strong
Energy Protection

Very Affordable


Stronger than Basic

Excellent Energy Protection

Excellent Value



Stronger Energy Protection

Highly Recommended


Strongest Energy Protection

Total Protection

Ideal for: Babies, Young Children, Students, City or Suburban Dwellers, budget minded who want very good protection for an excellent price.

• A necessity for you if you live around technology- even if you are not using it much or at all.

Ideal for: people who carry a cell phone, use a computer daily, live in a city, have WiFi or work or live in an area with WiFi or WiMax.

•Strong protection for you from all kinds of negative energy - including other people's stress or bad moods.

Ideal for: People with frequent use of cell phone/computer use or sensitivity to energy

• Even stronger physical and emotional protection.

• Wearers love this Shield because reduces stress, enhances intuition, internal calm and a sense of well-being.

Ideal for: people who do not want to take any chances with your health.

• Energy sensitive adults who know they need maximum protection 

• Adults who simply want total protection


Protection - Specific Energy Needs

  • Do you have ENERGY OR ELECTROMAGNETIC SENSITIVITY (EMS)? - We suggest you get a photo analysis (free). You can also read symptoms of EMS (Read about Shield protection strategies for the energy or EMF sensitive person

  • INDIVIDUALIZED CUSTOMIZED PROTECTION-Many people with special physical challenges, very sensitive energy, or demanding work environments find a custom designed Shield makes an outstanding change for the better in their life. A Custom Shield is individualized for your maximum protection, strength, and balance.

  • INTERNATIONAL SHIELDS - If you do not live in North America or Canada, please go to our International Shields page for how to order your Shield.

Protection - Home &Rooms, Cellphones, International , Gauss Meter

What all Shields Provide for You

  • All Shields provide you with protection from electromagnetic radiation as well as any negative energy from other people or stressful situations.
  • Every BioElectric Shield also balances and strengthens your entire energy field, assisting you in restoring or maintaining optimum health. 
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