Eira Functional Skin Care
Safe Skin Care to Enhance Beauty from the Inside Out

Eira: a new way of looking at skin care

Radiant, healthy, beautiful skin with luxurious ingredients and unique, natural extracts…
Safe, sustainable, natural substances that make a real difference in the way you look…
A natural impulse for self-regulation and self-repair with functional skin care for beautiful skin from within…
A one-of-a-kind combination of nature, research and luxury to give skin a long-lasting, deep-acting boost…
… only in Eira!

Our Products
Safe, effective, functional care for your skin 

We’ve gone to great lengths to make our products suitable for all skin types, respectful of your unique beauty, and sustainable for complete peace of mind and satisfaction. 

Every ingredient and every product fulfils the function of caring for skin by restoring balance to help it look and feel more beautiful from the inside out. As a result, Eira skin care products contain no excess, only proven, useful ingredients, each of which has a unique purpose of its own. 

Different types of people have different types of skin. For this reason, there are several Eira products for varying skin care needs. Each has a unique blend of natural ingredients and special extracts to enhance individual beauty from within. 

Although the details may vary from product to product, what remains the same is excellent product quality and safety for a luxurious and lasting skin care experience.

For an optimal skin care experience, Eira skin care products NEVER contain: 

  • Polyethylene glycols (PEGs) 
  • Parabens 
  • Mineral oil 
  • Silicones 
  • Animal-based ingredients 
  • Artificial fragrances 
  • Genetically-modified ingredients