We and our children are exposed to hundreds of times more man made electromagnetic fields (EMFs) than generations in the past. The impact on our health and especially on our immune system has been much greater than most people realize.

Electromagnetic protection as a way to build and maintain a strong immune system is vital to everyone, especially to people who suffer from any stress related health condition such as electro sensitivity, chronic stress headaches, anxiety, cancer, autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and asthma. EarthCalm is unique in the field of EMF protection in two important ways. First, EarthCalm products are designed to go to greater depths of protection. Increased EMF protection frees the nervous system from the chronic constriction caused by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) thus dramatically increasing your own body’s ability to heal specific disorders.

Second, we offer you a challenge: take a specific symptom you or your children suffer from (such as electro sensitivity,  frequency and intensity of stress headaches, arthritic pain, asthma attacks, ADHD behaviors or high blood pressure) and test the product for yourself. EarthCalm offers a 90 day money back guarantee for you to experience the ultimate in EMF protection.

EMF Protection by EarthCalm – The Concept
The old mechanistic thinking sees us as physical objects in space and time. In the current quantum view we are essentially electrical beings existing in a state of resonance within the electromagnetic embrace of the earth.

The manmade AC (alternating current) grid in which we live has weakened our connection to the earth resulting in a state of subliminal stress and the decreased ability to heal. EMF Protection by EarthCalm offers protection from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) by reconnecting each of us to the healing properties of the earth as nature intended.

 Scalar Resonance Technology
EarthCalm has been a leading pioneer in EMF protection for over 20 years and the first to introduce the use of scalar waves. This revolutionary introduction of scalar waves almost a decade ago affords a deeper level of electromagnetic protection and healing.

EarthCalm Products
EarthCalm exclusively manufactures and distributes products invented by Jean Gallick, who has dedicated herself to creating solutions to the problems of EMF pollution. In addition to our powerful grounding devices with proprietary Scalar Resonance Technology, we are currently developing products that provide additional protection against microwave radiation, now critically important in our current time of increased wireless use.

When first putting on or plugging in an EarthCalm product many people notice a feeling of warmth, relaxation, tingling or lightheadedness due to the removal of the constriction of EMFs on their nervous system. Then within minutes comes an increased sense of calmness and well-being as people ground into the earth’s magnetic field. Many people report relief from arthritis, headaches or old injuries. Within weeks, people experience an overall rejuvenation of bodily function.

EarthCalm offers the Ultimate in EMF Protection. If you are seeking specific symptom relief, EarthCalm suggests monitoring your symptoms before starting so as to track your own healing process and determine the effectiveness of our products for yourself.