Dr. Garber

Dr. Garber's Natural Solutions are condition specific biotherapy formulas that exclusively combine the three homeopathic biotherapies (Gemmotherapy, Lithotherapy and Organotherapy) in a special synergy critical to their effectiveness.

The genesis of Dr. Garber's formulas came out of a desire in his private practice to address certain patient concerns quickly and effectively, often well before he prescribed a constitutional remedy. As a homeopathist, it is important to Dr. Garber that patients not take anything that might disturb the action of the constitutionally remedy he had prescribed for them.

The homeopathic biotherapies have been proven over the years to not interfere with constitutional prescribing and, in fact, work synergistically with them by eliminating many so-called "obstacles to cure."

We carry the entire Dr. Garber line. If you do not see what you are looking for, just ask.