Diagnosing ADHD

Diagnosing ADHD
The diagnosis of ADHD usually follows if the child has a number of the signs and symptoms as outlined on the ADHD questionnaire. The diagnosis may depend on the number of symptoms as well as their severity and prevelance.

In addition to the observed attention and behavioral issues we find that there are common laboratory findings in these kids. To help understand what the underlying issues are that produce the symptoms we do diagnostic testing.

Testing Can Include

Once we have the test results combined with the history we are ready to put together a comprehensive treatment plan.

ADHD Conintued:
  1. ADHD Overview
  2. What is ADHD
  3. ADHD Signs and Symptoms
  4. ADHD Questionnaire
  5. Causes of ADHD
  6. Diagnosing ADHD
  7. Treating ADHD

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