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Dia Quell

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Dia Quell

Supplements the qi and nourishes yin, quickens the blood and dispels stasis, cools the blood and clears heat*

This formula is for qi and yin dual vacuity complicated by blood stasis resulting in diabetes mellitus. Mainly early stage diabetes mellitus. However, this formula may be used in many chronic, enduring diseases where there is a qi and yin vacuity.*

Classical descriptions of thirsting and wasting all involve heat. However, these descriptions typically describe the later stages of diabetes mellitus, and, today, many people are diagnosed with diabetes without being symptomatic and without marked signs of heat. In fact, most contemporary Chinese sources agree that qi and yin dual vacuity is the most common early pattern of diabetes. Typically, this evolves from a liverspleen disharmony based on the saying from the Nei Jing (Inner Classic), “[At] forty years, yin is automatically half.” In other words, on top of a preexisting spleen qi vacuity, there is now a yin vacuity as well. Although some patients develop diabetes early on in life, for most people, diabetes is a condition associated with aging. Therefore, in addition to qi and yin vacuity, blood stasis is a common complication. This is based on Yan Dexin’s assertion that essentially all chronic diseases associated with aging are complicated by at least an element of blood stasis. Blood stasis is definitely present in most of the complications of diabetes, such as neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy, and diabetic dermopathy. Thus the appropriateness of the principles of boosting the qi, nourishing yin, and quickening the blood.*

Within this formula, Xi Yang Shen (Radix Panacis Quinquefolii), Huang Qi (Radix Astragali), Fu Ling (Poria), and Shan Yao (Radix Dioscoreae) fortify the spleen and boost the qi. Shan Yao not only fortifies the spleen but also supplements the kidney qi. Xi Yang Sheng (Radix Panacis Quinquefolii), Xuan Shen (Radix Scrophulariae), Sheng Di (uncooked Radix Rehmanniae), Mai Men Dong (Tuber Ophiopogonis), and Ge Gen (Radix Puerariae) nourish yin and engender fluids. Xuan Shen also clears vacuity heat, while Ge Gen also disinhibits the qi mechanism by upbearing clear yang. Because of its cool nature, Ge Gen also clears stomach heat, the most common locus of heat in those with diabetes. Dan Shen (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae), Sheng Di, and Chi Shao (Radix Rubra Paeoniae) quicken, cool, and nourish the blood. Fu Ling additionally seeps dampness, thus leading yang into the yin tract (via urination).*


  • Fatigue*
  • Orthostatic hypotension*
  • Lack of strength*
  • A swollen tongue with teethmarks on its edges*
  • Easy bruising*
  • Possible frequent urination*


  • Dry skin*
  • Possible red tongue or redtipped tongue with scanty fur*
  • Dry mouth & thirst*
  • A fine pulse*
  • Reduced sleep at night*


  • Static spots or macules on the tongue*
  • Distended, engorged sublingual veins*
  • Cherry hemangiomas*
  • Spider nevi*
  • Varicose veins*
  • Diabetic dermopathy*

Dia Quell


Huang Qi (Radix Astragali) 68 mg
Xi Yang Shen (Radix Panacis Quinquefolii) 52 mg
Sheng Di (uncooked Radix Rehmanniae) 52 mg
Shan Yao (Radix Dioscoreae) 52 mg
Dan Shen (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae) 52 mg
Ge Gen (Radix Puerariae) 52 mg
Xuan Shen (Radix Scrophulariae) 52 mg
Chi Shao (Radix Rubra Paeoniae) 52 mg
Mai Men Dong (Tuber Ophiopogonis) 34 mg
Fu Ling (Poria) 34 mg

Three capsules two times per day equal not less than 30 grams of raw medicinals. However, because our extraction process is so much more efficient than stovetop decoction, we believe that this amount of our extract is actually more like the equivalent of 45-60 grams of bulk-dispensed herbs.

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