CX Extract Formulas - Systemic Formulas

CX Extract Formulas - Systemic Formulas

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CX Extract Formulas | Systemic Formulas

The Systemic Formulas’ concentrated extracts are highly effective, liquid based derivatives of our successful capsulated formulations. All essential factors are present in each product. The CX concentrates offer several benefits for any nutritional support program:

1. Suitable for clients who have difficulty taking capsules or tablets.*
2. Rapidly assimilated, including sublingual.*
3. May be given in micro and/or macro dosages.*
4. May be added to spring water, juices, or other liquids for added ease of ingestion.*

#2001 - CX1   Dramatically increases effectiveness of other formulas.*
#2002 - CX2   Builder: Encourages cellular health and healing.*
#2003 - CX3   Bactrex: Assists in handling infections assuring cellular health.*
#2004 - CX4   FungDX: A cellular neutralizer of toxins and waste materials.*
#2005 - CX5   Stabilize: Normalizes and stabilizes healthy cell growth,*
#2006 - CX6   Restore: Supports the body's innate effective healing.*
#2012 - CXB   Brain: Healthy brain support for increased mental effectiveness.*
#2022 - CXF+   Female Plus: Supports healthy menstrual rhythm.*
#2024 - CXFpms   Female Health: Supports a healthy female hormonal balance.*
#2031 - CXGa   Adrenal: Provides a healthy balance of the body's chemistry.*
#2032 - CXGb   Pituitary/Pineal: Supports healthy glandular functions.*
#2039 - CXGf   Thyroid: Provides long-term health through thyroid support.*
#2041 - CXGt   Thymus: Balances and rebuilds the thymus.*
#2044 - CXH   Heart: Supports heart health and strength.*
#2046 - CXHn   Heart Nerve: Assists maintenance of the hard working bundle branch system.*
#2050 - CXI   Eyes: Supports a clear and healthy vision system.*
#2056 - CXK   Kidney: Supports healthy kidneys.*
#2060 - CXL   Liver: Total support for healthy liver and gall bladder.*
#2061 - CXLb   Liver/Gall Bladder: Provides healthy blood purification for liver processes.*
#2062 - CXLs   Liver S: Promotes health in the liver through toxin detox.*
#2070 - CXM+   Male Endocrine: Supports male endocrine & glandular systems.*
#2072 - CXMpc   Prostata Corrector: Provides nutrients for prostate health.*
#2075 - CXN3   Relaxa: A nervine that provides pain relief.*
#2077 - CXNc   Calm: Promotes healthy, calm nerves.*
#2078 - CXP   Pancreas: Provides support for healthy pancreatic functions.*
#2080 - CXR   Lung: Support for relief of respiratory dysfunction.*
#2082 - CXS   Spleen: Provides support for the Spleen-Pancreas-liver triad.*
#2102 - CXACX   Vitamin Detox: Provides effective support for any cleansing program.*
#2400 - CXAPHA   pH Control: Normalizes the acid/alkaline balance in the body.*
#2408 - CXCLNZ   Detox heavy metal toxins from the body.*
#2435 - CXGOLD   Immune Plus: Provides balanced, broad and intense bacterial inhibitors.*
#2481 - CXOXAA   Cell Organizer: Detoxifies, cleanses and rejuvenates healthy cells.*
#2482 - CXOXCC   Cleanser Cell: Provides healthy cellular cleansing and maintenance.*
#2483 - CXOXOX   Activator cell: Encourages release of toxins on a deep cellular level.*
#2486 - CXSENG   Lymphogin: Stimulates natural drainage of the lymphatic system.*
#2488 - CXVIVI   Virox: Functions as an effective product for submicroscopic infective agents.*
#2491 - CXVRM1   Large Formula: Provides health through handling large microorganisms.*
#2492 - CXVRM2   Small Formula: Provides health through handling small microorganisms.*
#2493 - CXVRM3   Micro Formula: Provides health through handling microscopic organisms.*
#2494 - CXVRM4   Cell Formula: Provides health through handling cellular microorganisms*

CX Extract Formulas | Systemic Formulas 

concentrated extracts are highly effective, liquid based derivatives of our successful capsulated formulations


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