Core Cohosh Blend

Core Cohosh Blend

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Core Cohosh Blend | Energetix 

Core Cohosh Blend is a botanical blend formulated to support normal function of the female reproductive system, endocrine system, and hormone balance. The black cohosh also assists in maintaining normal function of the mucosal lining.*

PMS and menopause are typical conditions that affect many women because of hormonal imbalances. Core Cohosh Blend is a formulation of Spagyrically extracted botanical ingredients that have been traditionally used for a broad range of conditions affecting the female reproductive system. Phytoestrogen rich herbs have been used traditionally for these conditions because of their estrogenic properties which assist the balance of estrogen levels. Many studies have shown that phytoestrogens will either provide the body a net estrogenic or “weak estrogen” effect in the presence of low estrogen levels, or they will block estrogen receptor sites if there are high estrogen levels, assisting with a wide range of female conditions.*

Core Cohosh Blend | Energetix

Black Cohosh Root, Damiana Leaf, Dong Quai Root, Wild Yam Root, Blue Cohosh Root, False Unicorn Root, Partridge Berry Whole Plant, Blessed Thistle Aerial Parts, Blue Vervain Aerial Parts, Cayenne Fruit, Eleuthero Root, Goldenseal Root, Licorice Root, Shepherd's Purse Aerial Parts, Witch Hazel Leaf.

Other Ingredients: 
Purified Water, Ethyl Alcohol 22-28%.

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