Conscious and Unconscious Mind

Conscious and Unconscious Mind
The conscious or or cognitive part of the mind is that part which most of us are aware of. It is our internal representations, what we generally call thoughts. Really these "thoughts" can be images, sounds, sensations, tastes, smells or internal dialog. The point here is that the conscious mind is where we usually are aware of these.

The unconscious or subconscious mind is where most of these thoughts are coming from. In other words think of it like a computer and its monitor. You see images or words or colors on the screen, the conscious part, what you do not generally see is the underlying programs that are creating it.

The real power of change, the area that gives us the greatest leverage on the system is the unconscious mind and thus that is the area where we need to do most of the work.

For our definitions here we can consider this like a scale from unconscious to subconscious to conscious. The further back into the source of the programing the more powerful the effect will be.

The Dark Secret of the Secret
Currently there is a popular representation of a very old idea. The idea is that what you pay attention to, what you focus on tends to manifest. The impression is that all you need to do is hold in mind what you want and it will magically appear. However most people find this overly simplified concept does not work. Why not?

Here is where the understanding of the levels of mind comes in. Lets say, for instance that you hold in your conscious mind that you want a new car. You say affirmations and even put a picture of it up on the wall. Yet time goes by and it does not appear. Whats the deal?

Lets say that while you are consciously holding the new car in mind you are unconsciously holding the beliefs that you do not deserve a new car, that you can never afford what you want, that nothing good ever happens for you.

If you are holding these conflicting beliefs in the deeper part of your mind, that part that has the real power, you are very unlikely to get your results.

There is a general principle here. When ever there is a conflict between the conscious and unconscious mind, the unconscious mind always wins, only 100% of the time.

So you can see the problem. Unless you neutralize the unconscious resistance, very little is likely to change.

Flash lights vs. Lasers
Lets say that you have a 100 watt light. It is dark outside and you shine the light. How far away will you be able to see that light. One hundred feet, two hundred perhaps.

Now imagine you have a 100 watt laser. How far away will you be able to see that light. A 100 watts of coherent light could be seen on the moon.

Why this analogy?

When the mind has conflicting beliefs or beliefs that are not truly held it is like a 100 watt bulb. Diffuse with no real power. When the conflicting beliefs have been neutralized and the belief is firmly entrenched it is more  like a 100 watt laser, coherent, powerful, focussed.

The Fog of Mind
The above analogy very useful for our understanding of the mind but not quite complete. Why not?

Suppose you have this 100 watt laser but there is a fog bank between you and the moon. With fog there it is like being in San Francisco on a foggy day. The sun may be out but you cannot see it.

What is the fog?

The fog is the negative emotions held in the mind. These toxic, destructive, non-resourceful and stressful emotions form a fog in the mind obscuring the light of the truth.

This is where Mind-Release comes in.

We wish to  so resolve our inner conflicts and negative emotions so as to make our mind laser like in its formulation and clear in its application.

Have a powerful laser with no obstruction greatly increases the probability of a potentiality becoming an actuality.

In other words. Given the fundamental laws of the Universe and the mind, Whatever is held laser like in the mind and clear in its application greatly enhances the likelihood of a given manifestation.

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