Coffee Enema Detox Program

Coffee Enema Detox Program

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Coffee Enema Detox Program | Forrest Health - A comprehensive program designed to clean and rebuild the liver and colon. Part of any detoxification program with special emphasis on cleansing of the liver.*

What does a coffee enema do?*
When you do a coffee retention enema the Caffeine in the coffee relaxes the smooth muscles in the body. This allows the Liver and the Gallbladder to almost immediately dump all the bile and toxins that they were holding. The Liver is then free to do its job at full capacity, removing the toxins and poisons from the body. Also, and more importantly the coffee enema contains Palmitic Acid, this ingredient gets the liver to produce an Enzyme that cleans the blood.*

Tests show that while doing a coffee enema the Liver will produce up to 700% more of this Enzyme than it normally would. That, very simply, is what happens while you do a coffee enema.*

Our coffee enema program a very Potent Probiotic. Together they work to clean the liver and gall bladder, kill infections and restore normal gut flora.*

Total Body Detox Kit


Ultimate Body Detox Extra Strength 2 oz*
Eliminate Heavy Metals & Microbes with advanced easy to use sprays of silver and zeolite.*

Cleanse your body of pathogens, toxins and free radicals and feel renewed*

2 oz ACS 2000 Silver*
2 oz ACZ Nano Zeolite*
2 oz ACG Glutathione Extra Strength Spray  *


HLC Colon-izer
HLC Colon-izer - 6 grams powder*
HLC Colon-izer - Colon Implant provides active, live bacteria that normally reside in the healthy colon. The bacteria are essential if the normal bowel function is to be maintained and opportunistic bacteria and yeast organisms are to be controlled.*

Probiotics maintain a healthy bacterial environment in the intestines by displacing bad bacteria, aiding digestion of food including dairy products and by combating yeast overgrowth.* Beneficial bacteria also aid in the synthesis of Vitamin K and CLA and possibly the B Vitamins. Many doctors recommend Probiotics after a patient has been taking antibiotics. Daily use of Probiotic Synergy supports healthy bowel movements. Refrigeration is not recommended or required (as to avoid moisture accumulation). Room temperature is ideal. Keep out of extreme temperatures.*


The coffee enema is quite simply the best means for detoxifying the human liver. (Not included with the Program)*

Using s.a.Wilsons Therapy Blend Coffee will make it even more effective.

For the most recommended, organic coffee for enemas that has been both Clinically and lab tested, Click Here

Not Certain What To Do Next?*
If you are uncertain as to which products or programs to use or which tests to take; or, if you would like additional help:

  • Contact us with a brief question.*
  • Arrange a phone consultation with Dr. Forrest.*
    Call ( 408) 354-4262*

Coffee Enema Detox Program Contents | Forrest Health

1 Total Body Detox Kit
• ACZ Nano
• ACS 2000 and ACG Glutathione

1 HLC Colon-izer



Ingredients Needed:

Foundation Formula

1/2 quart (about 16 oz or 2 cups) - Purified water (not tap water) - for heating 1/2 quart (about 16 oz) - Purified water - for cooling the heated water
2 - 3 Tablespoons - Organic Coffee (ground coffee beans)
5 Sprays each of ACS 2000 and ACZ Nano(Total Body Detox Kit)

1 Teaspoon HLC Colon-izerOther Items

Supplies 1 $59
1 $11 $70

Coffee Enema Procedure


Enema bag or Rectal Syringe.
Lubricant (for insertion of tube into rectum): a few drops of Olive Oil (Avoid petroleum jellies such as KY or Vaseline)

Old towels (to use when kneeling/laying on the floor); do not use good towels (since any coffee drops will permanently stain the towels)


  1. Heat Water - Heat 1/2 quart of the water almost to boiling (steam will begin to arise from the water). Take off the heat.

  2. Grind Coffee Beans - Fresh-grind the coffee beans to a fine powder. If you cannot grind the beans yourself, have them

    ground at the store and store them in your freezer.

  3. Add Ingredients to Hot Water - Add the freshly ground coffee bean powder, Olive Leaf Extract (empty the Vcap contents into the water) and any other Vcaps into the hot water.

  4. Let Sit - Cover and let sit for 10 to 20 minutes. (The longer soak time helps for a more complete release of the phytonutrients into the water, including the tightly sequestered alkaloids of the coffee.)

  5. Strain Mixture - Strain the coffee-herbal mixture with a fine metal strainer to remove any large particles.

  6. Add Cool Water to Mixture - Add about 1/2 qrt of room-temperature water (cool or room temperature) to the hot coffee- mixture (about 1/2 qrt). The idea is to cool the hot coffee mixture to a warm temperature (so it is not too hot when inserting the fluid into the rectum). The final mixture should be warm to the touch (not too hot and not too cool) - about 100o F. Note: If the temperature is too hot, it can cause damage to the anus or intestines; if it is too cool, it may cramp the intestines and toxic waste elimination may be poor. However, too cool is better than too hot.

  7. Add 5 Sprays each of Total Body Detox Kit .

  8. Add 1 teaspoon of Colon-izer

  9. Take Enema - Try to take about half of the liquid (about 1/2 quart) into the bowels; then hold for 10 minutes before expelling. Then take in the second 1/2 quart and hold for another 10 minutes. Then expel. You’re done!

    After doing these for awhile you can go up to 1 hour of total time with the coffee inside.

    Often, if some fecal matter is lower in the rectal tract, you may want to take in about 1/8 or 1/4 of the liquid -- just enough to expel the fecal matter in the lower tract (in this case, it is not necessary to hold the liquid for any period of time). Then divide the remaining liquid approximately in half -- and hold each portion for 10 minutes -- to allow adequate soaking time to cleanse hardened fecal material, infectious organisms, other toxins, etc. in the lower rectal tract. After taking in the liquid and nature calls (i.e. you feel a strong urge to expel the liquid) - even after a minute or two, do not resist -- go ahead and expel it. At first, it may be hard to hold the liquid for the full 10 minutes. Later, after several enemas (and thus a certain amount of toxic elimination), it will be much easier for the bowels to hold the liquid for the full 10 minutes.

Best enema time: during the day before 8 pm. Give yourself some time to rest after the enema (20 to 30 minutes) – without walking or exercising. This helps ensure that you are at home (near a toilet) if a small amount of enema liquid needs to come out that was not expelled earlier.

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