Coffee Enema Detox Program - Ultra

Coffee Enema Detox Program - Ultra

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Coffee Enema Detox Program - Ultra - A comprehensive program designed to clean and rebuild the liver and colon. Part of any detoxification program with special emphasis on cleansing of the liver.*

What does a coffee enema do?*
When you do a coffee retention enema the Caffeine in the coffee relaxes the smooth muscles in the body. This allows the Liver and the Gallbladder to almost immediately dump all the bile and toxins that they were holding. The Liver is then free to do its job at full capacity, removing the toxins and poisons from the body. Also, and more importantly the coffee enema contains Palmitic Acid, this ingredient gets the liver to produce an Enzyme that cleans the blood.*

Tests show that while doing a coffee enema the Liver will produce up to 700% more of this Enzyme than it normally would. That, very simply, is what happens while you do a coffee enema.*

Our Program*
Coffee enemas can be a truly effective method for helping to detox the liver and the body. By stimulating the bile it helps with deep cleansing. Liver cleanses also help liberate heavy toxic metals and other toxins. To help deactivate these toxins and chelate the heavy metals Dr. Forrest recommends using products to grab the metals in the intestines and to upregulate the Phase II liver detoxification pathways. For this reason, the Ultra Bundle includes Amino Detox and Alginate Plus.*

Instructions: Coffe Enema Deotox Instructions - View
Ultimate Body Detox Extra Strength

Ultimate Body Detox Extra Strength 2 oz*
Eliminate Heavy Metals & Microbes with advanced easy to use sprays of silver and zeolite.*

Cleanse your body of pathogens, toxins and free radicals and feel renewed.*

 ACS 2000 Silver*
ACZ Nano Zeolite*
ACG Glutathione Extra Strength Spray*

HLC Replensh
HLC replenish 14 caps*
HLC Replenish Capsules contain five strains of proprietary, human sourced probiotics that help promote gastrointestinal health in adults and children.*

Probiotics maintain a healthy bacterial environment in the intestines by displacing bad bacteria, aiding digestion of food including dairy products and by combating yeast overgrowth.* Beneficial bacteria also aid in the synthesis of Vitamin K and CLA and possibly the B Vitamins. Many doctors recommend Probiotics after a patient has been taking antibiotics. Daily use of Probiotic Synergy supports healthy bowel movements. Refrigeration is not recommended or required (as to avoid moisture accumulation). Room temperature is ideal. Keep out of extreme temperatures.*
Alginate PlusAlginate Plus provides optimum levels of high-binding alginate and standardized milk thistle in vegetarian capsules. Studies have demonstrated that alginates bind tightly to certain heavy metals and is thus beneficial for those individuals exposed to environmental pollutants or toxins*

Take 6 capsules while preparing the water*

Coffe Enema Deotox Instructions & History - pdf

Not Certain What To Do Next?*
If you are uncertain as to which products or programs to use or which tests to take; or, if you would like additional help:

  • Contact us with a brief question.*
  • Arrange a phone consultation with Dr. Forrest.*
    Call ( 408) 354-4262*

Coffee Enema Detox Program - Ultra

Ultimate Body Detox 2 oz 
1 Kit ACS 2000, ACG,  Glutathione

ACS 200 Extra Strength
Ingredients: Silver (Elemental Silver) 350 mcg
Other ingredients: Ultra-Pure Deionized Water
ACZ Nano Extra Strength
Ingredients: Sub-micronized Clinoptilolite Zeolite 5.9 mg
Other Ingredients: Nano Distilled Water

1 HLC Replenish - 14 cap

1 Alginate Plus - 120 caps

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