Cholesterol Control

Can I Reduce Cholesterol Naturally?
If you are suffering from high cholesterol levels and are not happy about taking drugs for the rest of your life there may be help. Medical studies have repeatedly shown 20-40% reductions in cholesterol, especially LDL cholesterol, from using natural remedies.

To date a number of substances have been shown to be highly effective, perhaps as effective as the statin drugs, but without the side effects.

In our clinic we have seen drops of up to 40% in total cholesterol

Why Do I Have High Cholesterol?
There are two ways that your body can have high cholesterol levels. The first can come from ingesting it with the food you eat. The second, and more difficult to address is the cholesterol that you liver makes. Statin drugs affect the liver and thus the reported side effects. Natural substances work in a variety of ways. Some directly work with the liver to increase the bile flow. Some work by blocking the absorption of cholesterol from the intestines. Others work by decreasing the amount of cholesterol that your body makes.

What Can I Do To Naturally Lower My Cholesterol Levels?
There are several different areas that you can address in you desire to lower cholesterol and or triglycerides. Based on the latest research these are our recommendations:
  1. Lipotrienols RYR - a powerful combination of natural substances intended to support normal blood lipid levels and optimize cardiac and vascular health
  2. Niacin CRT -Controlled Release Technology (CRT) is the latest technology for delivering niacin in a continuous, controlled rate over a 12-14 hour period proven effective in many cases to lower LDL.
  3. XanthOmega Dark Red Krill Oil - Krill Oil has proven highly effective in many cases to lower LDL and raise HDL.
As an alternative you could take
High Cholesterol Support Paks - a convenient multi dimensional approach to controlling lipid levels

Other Supports Include
Thyroid Support - high cholesterol is often related to low thyroid. Consider testing.
Carnitine - Highly effective in lowering triglycerides.
Plant Sterols - absorb cholesterol in the gut.
In practice we see that one size does not fit all. For this reason we offer a number of different products. It can take some experimentation on your part to find the right combination. We have included some of the best products we have come across. They are supported by the literature and by clinical experience.

Testing & Feedback
If you are concerned about your lipid levels we suggest a baseline blood test of your total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglyceride levels.
We also suggest doing tests for thyroid function.

Then try one or two of the suggested products, wait 2 to 3 months and then retest. This will give you a good idea of how well the program is working. If you do not get the results you are looking for try a different combination of products and redo the testing.

As always if you have any concerns consult your physician.

What We Suggest
  1. For a simple all in one solution we suggest the High Cholesterol Support Packs or High Triglyceride Support Packs from Designs For Health
  2. For high cholesterol consider Lipotrenols RYR, Niacin CRT, Krill Oil and  Foresterol.
  3. For high triglycerides consider one of the carnitine products.
  4. Testing. Consider the Iodine Loading Test  for possible thyroid issues.
  5. If you are already taking a statin drug, add one of the CoQ10 products.
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