Causes of ADHD

What Are the Causes ADHD?
There is a wide range of opinions of this subject but basics seem to center around a number of common factors.

Prenatal environment
  1. Parental psychopathology is associated with the risk of autism.
  2. Heavy metal burdens of lead, mercury and uranium.2
  3. Maternal smoking during pregnancy is linked to high fetal testosterone (FT), and an increased risk in offspring for autism.
  4. Genetics.3
  5. Increased testosterone in mothers of children with autism.4
  6. Mercury amalgams in the mother.
    • Amalgam, consists of 50 % elemental mercury and a mixture of silver, tin, copper and zinc.
    • Minute amounts of mercury vapor are released continuously from amalgam.
    • Amalgam contributes substantially to human mercury load.
    • Mercury accumulates in some organs, particularly in the brain, where it can bind to protein more tightly than other heavy metals (e. g. lead, cadmium).
    • Mercury vapor is more neurotoxic than methyl-mercury in fish.
    • Mercury from dental amalgam may lead to nephrotoxicity, neurobehavioural changes, autoimmunity, oxidative stress, autism.
    • There may be individual genetic or acquired susceptibilities.
    • Mercury levels in the blood, urine or other biomarkers do not reflect the mercury load in critical organs.5
  7. Mercury content of childhood vaccinations containing Thimerisol - too many too soon.
    Significantly increased adjusted (sex, age, vaccine type, vaccine manufacturer) risks of autism, speech disorders, mental retardation, personality disorders & thinking abnormalities.6
  8. Allergens, toxins and sugar content of food.
  9. Being male - males have a higher incidence.
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