Causes and Solutions

Causes of Suffering
The problem of human health, on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) is deep and complex. By the time a symptom has come to our attention it may have undergone years of unconscious development and taken various forms and expressions.

Using the western allopathic medical model we would then suppress the symptom with drugs, surgery or some form of physical therapy. Many times this will change the symptoms for awhile although often the same symptoms or some other, of a deeper and subtler form, will come back. What then is true healing?

Human beings are composed of various layers or aspects. Depending on the tradition used you could call these layers physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Or you could say mind, body, spirit. Other traditions talk of the physical, astral, mental and causal planes. In the West we have used such terms as conscious, subconscious, unconscious and superconscious. While these terms are not strictly analogous there are corresponding relationships.

We live in a time of fragmentation and separation from others and most importantly from ourselves and our source. From the time we were children we had our minds (intellect and personality) educated but little or nothing has been done to educate our essence (emotional life, soul).

As time went by our educated personality separated from essence, grew and began living a life as little connected to our true selves as was necessary for its existence. During this time we experienced the various traumas, both physical and emotional, that life brings to each of us. Because of our inherent desire to avoid pain many of these experiences were repressed and suppressed leaving them to coalesce into a kind of emotional pain body.

The Pain Body or Reactive Mind
The pain body lives just below the surface of our consciousness. It is ready to spring up at a moments notice. When it does we find ourselves, for no apparent reason, sad, depressed, anxious, stressed or angry. This reactive part of our mind does much to cause distress in our lives often leaving us to feel ashamed, guilty, despairing, sad, fearful, traumatized, separate and alienated. Rather then experiencing the Now, we find ourselves living from the reactive past where our subconscious intrudes into the present moment and projects into the future.

When we begin to work with patients we find that they are in a sense two. There is the outer, social person who is striving to succeed and live life to its fullest and there is the inner, emotional, subconscious being essence who is fearful, angry and full of shame, loneliness or feelings of alienation and insignificance. This inner duality, which most of us feel, leads to great inner conflict and tension.

This type of existence, a kind of internal fragmentation or war, can lead to great inner stress, conflict and ambivalence. As these tensions persist they work their way through the various bodies and are ultimately responsible for the wide range of negative states and non-resourceful behaviors. All this leads to various degrees of unhappiness, discontent and suffering.

Any form of healing that leaves the pain body intact is incomplete. To truly heal is to dissolve the pain body.

Our unresolved emotional traumas coalesce and form a kind of pain body. The pain body, think of it as crystallized emotional memory, is held in place by unconsciousness and emotional charge. It is ready to be activated at a moments notice.

We are walking along and everything is fine then some perception, either inner or outer, and the next thing we know we are sad, angry, irritable, lonely, frightened, etc. Nothing has really happened except that the pain body, the reactive part of our mind, has been stimulated and some of our unprocessed emotional baggage has come up. Then rather than seeing things as they are we see everything through the tinted filter of our past history. Our mood changes and suddenly everything feels overwhelming, or it feels very sad or perhaps depression sets in. And then, depending on our temperament, we yell at somebody, break our diet, smoke, cry, get a headache or develop cancer.

The way to inner freedom and emotional health is to free ourselves from the pain body, from negative emotions, from limiting decisions and from unclarified and conflicting values. We do this by becoming aware of the problem and then using various techniques to elicit the hidden causal emotions, decisions, values and beliefs. Once the cause is found, various methods are used to resolve the problem. In effect we are dissolving the pain body and dropping non-resourceful beliefs.

Most importantly, unlike talk therapy, we are not trying to analyze, understand or put these problems behind us; rather,  we are eliminating our attachment to them!

Our greatest aid is Presence and and a deep understanding of the mind. From deep states of Presence healing becomes much more possible.

We use modern neuro-emotional bio-energy techniques such as:
• Mind-Release Process
• Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
• Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
• Mind-Body Trauma/Drama
• Time Line Clearing (TLC)
• Hypnosis
• Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
• Others

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