Bucco No. 25 100 ml

Bucco No. 25 100 ml

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Bucco No. 25 100 ml | Marco Pharma 

Supports urinary function. For subacute and chronic kidney disorders*

This formula is recommended for subacute and chronic kidney disorders. It works as a diuretic, it improves and protects the lining of the urinary passage, and prevents the formation of kidney stones*

Increase of circulation in the renal parenchyma*

  •  Mildly stimulates diuresis,*
  • Protects the epithelial lining of the efferent urinary passages,*
  • Spasmodic and anti-inflammatory,*
  • Prevents formation of kidney stones,*
  • Mild adrenal stimulation*

Bucco No. 25 100 ml | Marco Pharma

Herniaria glabra - Rupturewort aerial portion
Salix alba - White Willow bark
Agathosma serratifolia - Buchu (Bucco) leaf
Equisetum arvense - Horsetail aerial portion
Glycyrrhiza glabra - Licorice root
Mentha x piperita - Peppermint leaf
Orthosiphon aristatus - Java Tea leaf
Juniperus communis - Juniper berry
Ononis campestris - Restharrow root
Phaseolus vulgaris - Common Bean shell
Betula pendula - Birch leaf
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi - Uva-Ursi leaf

Suggested Use
30 drops in 8 ounces pure water, two to three times daily, between meals.
Half or less of the adult amount.

Special Comments
As a long-term therapy, BUCCO No. 25 can be administered for three to six months. It was recorded that patients suffering with arrhythmia based on kidney disorders experienced significant improvement

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