How to Naturally Treat Erectile Dysfunction

For the millions of men in the U.S. who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), modern medicine has certainly produced many solutions. Men who prefer erectile dysfunction treatments without pharmaceutical ingredients also have many options available to them in the form of herbal supplements. Read on to learn more about ED and which natural products can treat it.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection for the purpose of sexual intercourse. ED is not referred to as a condition; rather, it is characterized most often as a symptom of underlying problems. ED may or may not be accompanied by low libido, and this is the diagnosis when it lasts for a few weeks to several months.

ED has many causes, all which inhibit the optimal blood flow necessary to achieve an erection. These include habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, obesity, low testosterone levels, and clogged blood vessels.


Diet and Exercise

The first things to do are to check your BMI, or body mass index. Divide your weight in pounds by your height in square inches, and then multiply this value by 703. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 indicates that you’re overweight. If this is the case, then this is a good time to adopt healthy habits like regular exercise and a better diet.

Starting small, such as walking for a few minutes every day and then gradually increasing the time spent walking is a very effective way to achieve these kinds of goals.


Nutritional Supplements

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Panax Ginseng has been used in Eastern medicine for over 2,000 years. The root of this plant has been shown to improve libido, erection duration, and penile rigidity significantly. Yohimbe is derived from West African evergreen trees and has been shown to widen blood vessels for increased penile blood flow and increased erection stamina.

Maca root from Peru, available in yellow, red, and black varieties, contains the magnesium, amino acids, iron, and iodine that help to reduce stress, which can cause ED. L-Arginine is an amino acid which increases the body’s amount of vessel-relaxing nitric oxide. When vessels are relaxed, blood is able to flow through more freely and cause an erection.

Other treatments for erectile dysfunction include homeopathic medicines, which are natural medicines produced by the repeated dilution of a plant, mineral, or animal source to its essence, which inspires the body to heal itself. Some common homeopathic remedies for ED include Caladium, Nuphar Luteum, and Agnus Castus.



For men who may already be taking a pharmaceutical ED product, it’s important to consult your doctor or natural health practitioner before starting any natural ED treatments. You’ll also want to ensure you’ve consulted a health professional before beginning any exercise or diet program.

Forrest Health is dedicated to providing high-quality natural supplements. Our products combine the latest technology with natural ingredients to help you get the most value. Visit our website to explore your natural health options or call us at 1-408-354-4262.

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How to Naturally Boost Fertility When You’re Trying to Conceive

Modern medicine in the form of fertility drugs has helped many women who are struggling to conceive, but, if you are seeking ways to boost your fertility naturally, you’ll be happy to know that there are several solutions, including herbal supplements, which can ensure both your own and your baby’s health.


Lifestyle Changes

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Boosting reproductive health is possible when you make a few changes to your lifestyle. Stress is a very common cause of reduced fertility, not to mention a cause of increased risk for the development of many diseases. Stress reduction activities like meditation, yoga, or saying “no” more often and taking more “me” time can do wonders for your fertility and your health.

Ensuring you remain at a healthy weight is another crucial factor in increasing your fertility. Calculate your BMI, or body mass index, to determine whether or not you are at a healthy weight. Overweight women may consult with their doctor or a nutritionist to see where dietary adjustments may be made. You’ll also want to look at increasing your amount of physical activity.

Getting enough sleep is another of many paths to improved fertility because it will help reduce stress levels and, ultimately, the raised cortisol (and raised weight) that accompany it. Staying hydrated with water ensures that your cervical mucus stays thin, enabling sperm to more easily travel through it.


Supplement Solutions

It’s a fact that the foods we consume today contain fewer nutrients than ever before in our history. If you are trying to become pregnant, it is even more critical to ensure that your body is not only receiving the nutrients that it needs to maintain optimal health but is also getting the required amounts of vitamins and minerals to increase the possibility of conception.

Get your vitamin D levels tested, as low levels are linked to infertility. Eating foods rich in folate and other B vitamins helps to increase the red blood cells that ensure healthy neural tube development in your baby. A good-quality iron dietary supplement will ensure oxygen delivery to your body’s organs and tissue. CoQ10, Omega-3, and calcium will all ensure your baby receives what it needs from the start.

In order to give your body as much as possible of the supplements you are taking, take them with foods like ginger and avocado, which boost absorption.


For Him

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There are many ways for men to increase their own fertility. In addition to reducing stress, exercising, improving diet, and eliminating unhealthy habits, taking zinc supplements can help to improve sperm quality. Ashwagandha and folate can improve sperm count and motility, as well as semen volume.

In order to be effective, any homeopathic medicines or supplements that you or your partner take need to be as high in quality as possible. Supplements from Forrest Health use only the best natural ingredients and the most modern technology for each stage of the reproductive process. Learn more about our wide range of fertility-boosting products by calling us today: 1-408-354-4262.

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Cognitive Health: Preventing Age-Related Memory Loss

Whether you walk into a room and forget why you went in there or just can’t seem to remember where you left your glasses, you’ve probably worried about age-related memory loss. While none of us can stop the aging process, there are many things you can do to improve your cognitive health and prevent signs of dementia, including taking anti-aging supplements.


Reduce Your Stress Level

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If you don’t make time to relax, your body and your brain can become overloaded and burn out quickly, causing brain fog and memory loss. Reducing your stress level is essential, and there are many ways to do it, including earthing (walking barefoot on natural ground), meditating, and engaging in hobbies completely unrelated to your work.


Add Supplements to a Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is a crucial part of your cognitive health, but these days, fewer of the nutrients we need are available from food.

So, along with the whole grains, vegetables, and fruits in your diet, it is helpful to add dietary supplements, like Vinpurazine, which contain memory-aiding herbs such as rosemary and periwinkle.

Fatty acids such as omega-3, DHA, and EPA, along with magnesium and CoQ10, all work together to improve brain health. Wellness Essentials Brain Health is an all-natural supplement which contains the above nutrients for healthy cognitive function.


Spice It Up

The secret to better brain health could be in your kitchen. Spices or herbal supplements like ginger, turmeric, sage, and ashwagandha all contain ingredients which can help rid the brain of excessive amyloid proteins. These proteins can collect between neurons to form plaque, which disrupts normal cell function. As well as helping eliminate plaque, these spices can also combat disease-causing inflammation in the body.


Brain-Boosting Vitamins

In addition to supplementing your diet with the right nutrients, it’s also important to ensure your body is receiving enough in the way of vitamins. The B vitamins benefit the brain but, unfortunately, our bodies don’t easily store them and they need frequent replenishment.

Taking a vitamin B complex will replenish several B vitamins at once, as well as introduce other ingredients to support nutrition. Vitamin Code Raw B-Complex, for example, contains folic and nucleic acids in addition to Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and other vital nutrients.


Exercise Your Body and Your Brain

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Being physically active can ward off many diseases, as well as help to prevent age-related cognitive decline. This is because physical activity increases blood flow in the body, which allows it to reach the furthermost reaches of the brain and other organs.

Brisk walking is one of the most effective ways to engage in physical activity; all that’s needed is about 75 minutes per week. You can also improve your mental health by stimulating your brain with puzzles, by learning games, or by playing an instrument, which exercises all areas of the brain.

The products available from Forrest Health combine all-natural ingredients with the latest in research and technology for radiant health. Discover more about our anti-aging supplements by calling 1-408-354-4262.

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A Guide to Prenatal Vitamins

Both mothers and mothers-to-be know just how much pregnancy can take from your body. That new human life forming inside you is a miracle, but it’s also a miracle that needs to be fed! With you and your dietary intake the sole source of your growing baby’s nutrition, you have to be sure that you’re taking in—and passing on—everything your baby needs.

Even right at the very beginning of a pregnancy, having the correct minerals and vitamins is incredibly important. This is a crucial stage in a baby’s development. Their entire neural network (including their brain and spine) has already started to form. As you can imagine, they’ll need all the help they can get.

Unfortunately, in most modern diets, we often don’t get enough of these essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, many doctors recommend that expectant mothers “top up” their levels with the use of specially formulated supplements known as prenatal vitamins.

What exactly are prenatal vitamins? Which prenatal vitamins should you take? When should you start taking them? Here’s our comprehensive guide to supporting healthy baby development.

Prenatal Vitamin Guide Infographic

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