How to Manifest Good Health with the Law of Attraction

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The Law of Attraction is a popular philosophy these days. Sometimes referred to as “manifesting,” it has been heavily featured in books and articles for the last 20 years or so. Basically, the idea is that positive thoughts will bring positive outcomes into your life.

While the law of attraction lacks scientific proof to back it up, there are proven benefits from adding more positive thinking to your life. Having a more positive mindset has been connected with lower levels of stress-related inflammation and better outcomes in cases of stroke and brain injury.¹

We will go over a few techniques for adding more positivity to your day that may help you manifest better health in your life.

Law of Attraction Health Affirmations

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One of the basic concepts of the Law of Attraction is that once you decide what is wanted in your life, it can be brought to you by repeatedly visualizing the desired state. Some believe this creates a type of energy that goes out into the universe, and scientific research has shown that it helps prime your nervous system to work toward achieving the goals you set.²

Affirmations are a way of consciously generating positive thoughts. It’s not unusual to find our minds telling us all sorts of awful things, such as “I’m no good at this, why did I even try?” or “Things always turn out crappy for me.” When affirmations are used, they help to boost the idea we are competent and can improve our sense of well-being and create more opportunities for making better choices going forward.²

When creating affirmations, you want to be sure to make the statement entirely positive. For instance, instead of saying “I won’t catch this cold that’s going around,” you would say “I am healthy and have a strong immune system.” Keeping your affirmation in the present tense helps your mind and body believe what you wish to manifest is actually happening in the current moment.

Some examples of affirmations for better health and wellness are:

  • I deserve to be healthy and strong.
  • My body is amazing.
  • I am grateful to be able to nourish my body.
  • I love exercising my body.
  • I am strong and healthy.
  • Healing is happening for me right now.

Affirmations are often used with visualization, so you may want to imagine yourself feeling robust and see yourself staying active and strong. Taking time each day to fully engage with your affirmations could result in manifesting better health and habits in the future.

Essential Oils for Manifesting

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Essential oils have been shown to have many benefits for health. Research has shown that essential oils can be effective against viruses, infections, and inflammation, but they have also been found to reduce stress and help with sleep.³

Pairing your affirmations for manifesting with aromatherapy oils adds another layer of enjoyment and positivity to the process. Having an aromatherapy spray nearby that you can use while you meditate on affirmations can ground you and strengthen your sense of spirit and calm.

Here at Forrest Health, we carry a wide variety of essential oils to assist you in manifesting good health with the Law of Attraction. Browse our essential oils today to find products perfect for you and your goals.



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