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How to Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Insulin is a hormone made by your body. It helps blood sugar feed cells and regulates your overall blood sugar. If your body doesn’t make enough insulin or your body is having trouble using insulin effectively, your blood sugars could … Continue reading

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Uncommon Food Allergy Symptoms You Should Know

It’s likely that you know someone who has a dangerous food allergy. You have probably had experience with peanut allergies in your child’s school or in your workplace. Some food allergies can cause anaphylaxis, which is the deadliest of allergic … Continue reading

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What’s Causing Your Migraines?

Migraines affect millions of people worldwide. A migraine is a throbbing headache that can cause pain and pulsing sensations, usually only on one side of the head. For most of us, migraines seem to appear out of nowhere. However, the … Continue reading

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