Will A No Deal Brexit Affect The Good Friday Agreement

Former British Prime Minister John Major has argued that Brexit could lead to a hard border as the European Union and the UK must control their borders for customs purposes. [54] The Conservative Party`s European research group believes that the UK could have the choice of not controlling its border if VAT is not applied, or of controlling the border in order to apply a possible VAT to goods imported after Brexit. [55] [56] The signing of the Good Friday Agreement/Belfast Agreement1 in April 1998 allowed for a comprehensive approach to governance and security. He removed the constitutional debates from the table by declaring that Northern Ireland will remain a part of the UK unless there is “the approval of a majority of people in Northern Ireland voting in a poll”. On the security front, the British government has reduced its military presence (including the dismantling of army posts and watchtowers) and paramilitary groups have taken their weapons out of service. The creation of a 108-member assembly with a power-sharing executive allowed both communities to be represented in decision-making. The accession of the UK and Ireland to the EU has made this fragile peace more viable by enabling connections and removing physical, economic and psychological barriers. The EU`s internal market, combined with the peace process, has allowed for the gradual dismantling of customs posts and checkpoints along the border. The official recommendation to Northern Irish businesses states: “No EU Member State will be able to apply customs duties or related barriers to goods from Northern Ireland. The agreement, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in April 2018, has not completely resolved the tensions of the past. There have been no peace commissions or reconciliation efforts, and there has been no lasting answer to the constitutional question. But Northern Ireland has slowly started to move in the right direction.

The new Assembly focused on issues of day-to-day governance. There has been an influx of foreign investors, with Invest Northern Ireland with nearly 900 international companies employing around 100,000 people.2 Belfast, which was named best destination by Lonely Planet in 2018, opened a museum about the locally built Titanic, served as a venue for “Game of Thrones” and other media productions, and attracted hipster shops and cafes to its city centre. Relations between the United Kingdom and Ireland have also improved, supported by the creation of “East-West” (British-Irish) institutions, which have enabled cross-border policy coordination (e.B agriculture and environment) and “North-South” institutions on the island. Queen Elizabeth paid a state visit to Ireland in May 2011, the first trip by a British head of state since Irish independence. .

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