Star India Rio Agreement

Star India has signed 90-95 percent of the agreements for its Reference Interconnection (RIO) offering with multi-system operators (MSOs). According to a spokesman for Star India, the channel has reached agreements with almost all MSO operators that have signed either the amended RIO or the old one. “And there are a few operators that, after the TDSAT shutdown, had the opportunity to keep their old CPS (cost per subscriber),” he said. The spokesperson also said that the amended rio agreement was reached between national MSOs such as Hathway Cable & Datacom, DEN Network, Siti Cable Network, GTPL and IndusInd Media and Cable (InCable). “Most of them took 19-21 channels. While this naturally varies from market to market, it is essentially about seven channels in the base wagon. You carry a few (other stars) channels in the base plus a pack. If they want certain channels that are not in the packaging they choose, they have to select them √† la carte. They choose a package that suits them and if they want additional channels, they can obviously take it a la carte. The design of their offerings (MSO) is entirely in their field.¬†This means that consumers will be forced to pay for the basic package, although they may not want to, but will have the option to add another package containing their desired channels. For example, the Star India basic package would arrive at Rs 45.67 (including the Marathi Star Pravah regional channel) taking into account the MSOs that offer the 7 channels mentioned above. This could be discounted by the MSO based on the incentives offered by star Indias RIO modified. However, it is not yet expected to see at what price the basic package will be offered to consumers.

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