Everything You Need to Know About the Cowden Support Program (CSP)

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The Cowden Support Program is widely acclaimed for its benefits to people who have Lyme disease, but very little is known about the treatment plan by people who are not actively in search of holistic methods to reduce their symptoms. We cover what the CSP is, how it works, and how you can start using it to improve your quality of life.

What Is the Cowden Support Program?

The Nutramedix Cowden support program is a holistic, step-by-step approach to treating and managing Lyme disease symptoms. Through the use of antimicrobials, among other ingredients, the CSP offers patients access to the supplements and medication necessary to offer a natural improvement in their condition.

The Cowden Support Program was developed by Dr. William Cowden and uses a rotation of 14 natural Nutramedix products taken daily to support your body’s response to Lyme disease.

The 14 products used during the CSP treatment plan include:

  • Banderol – A microbial herbal tincture made from wild-harvested South American bark.
  • Burbur – A detox liquid derived from the Desmodium molliculum
  • Cumanda – A microbial support tincture that can help inhibit inflammation.
  • Enula – An antioxidant and immune support extract made from the roots of the Elecampane
  • Houttuynia – A herbal remedy for gastrointestinal support.
  • Magnesium malate – A supplement to enhance bone health and energy levels
  • Mora – An antioxidant support extract.
  • Parsley – Provides detoxification and cleansing properties.
  • Samento – Also known as cat’s claw, samento supports a balanced immune system.
  • Sealantro – A supplement containing chlorella, cilantro, and Pacific cold-water red seaweed, it functions as an antioxidant and for detox support.
  • Serrapeptase – To improve intestinal health and digestion.
  • Sparga – Natural detox drops.
  • Stevia – To balance blood sugar and provide cardiovascular support.
  • Takuna – To ease the effects of inflammation.

All products need to be taken on a predetermined schedule and are packaged into monthly sets, with all patients starting at month one and progressing from there. Individuals following the program should continue taking the scheduled supplements until they feel better, and then continue for at least two months longer than that.

How Does the Cowden Support Program Benefit Those with Lyme Disease?

Hormonal Balance

The Cowden Support Program is made up of 14 supplements used to help reduce or treat the symptoms and causes of Lyme disease. Common Lyme disease symptoms include an easily identifiable skin rash, fever, fatigue, and headaches caused by bacteria transferred to humans through tick bites. Using the CSP could help you recover faster and experience fewer adverse effects.

Who Can Benefit from the Cowden Support Program?

The CSP was specifically designed to treat people with Lyme disease but, lately, it’s being used to treat a range of other ailments and illnesses. People diagnosed with Lyme disease and who have undergone antibiotic treatment are recommended to try the CSP to alleviate their symptoms. The detoxification, immune boosting, and antioxidant properties of many products included in the program can also help improve your liver and kidney function and blood flow and detoxify the entire body, including the lymphatic system.1

Forrest Health not only has the full range of CSP products available but many other beneficial NutraMedix supplements as well, all aimed to boost your health and well-being naturally.

If you’re interested in natural products that can boost your health, visit Forrest Health’s webpage for the Cowden Support Program and other Nutramedix products.


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