Bimco Agreement Sample

BIMCO is adapting the SHIPMAN 2009 agreement currently used for the use of autonomous vessels, but the absence of real autonomous vessels currently in service will require ongoing adjustments, as the industry advances its breakthrough plans. The release of the first version is scheduled for 2021. All of BIMCO`s most popular charters, bill of lading and other standard agreements are available in an electronic format with bimCO`s pay-as-you-go-charterparty SmartCon online writing system. In January 2021, BIMCO will invite the industry to consult the new Ship Sale Agreement in the pipeline and provide feedback. The new form is expected to be published in 2021. BIMCO has developed a large number of standalone clauses to complement standard contracts. These clauses are aimed at a wide range of topics and can be downloaded free of charge. Advice and services from BIMCO to assist you in current and potential business related to payments. This section contains a comprehensive source of information and instructions on charter matters.

From our long experience in consulting members, you will find invaluable information on many aspects of chartering. A genuine SmartCon contract is a DOCX or PDF generated by the SmartCon system. Please upload your file to check if it is a valid SmartCon contract…

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