NAD and Aging

For millions of people across the nation, the fight against aging is an ongoing preoccupation—and for perfectly understandable reasons. It is a well-established medical fact that the aging process is closely linked to a wide variety of illnesses and medical conditions, including cancer and certain metabolic disorders. That’s why so many people search for supplements and natural remedies as a way to slow down aging and forestall the ailments associated with it.

Although the medical world has yet to discover a “magic bullet” that stops or reverses aging, there have been various discoveries that show promise in preventing or at least delaying many of the physical complications that arise as we grow older. Among these vital discoveries is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). What is NAD? It is a coenzyme, found in each and every cell of the body, that is believed by numerous medical authorities to control aging functions. A deficiency of NAD may be a primary cause of many age-related diseases. Therefore, optimizing the levels of NAD in the body could be one of the keys to maintaining good health.

How can you increase your levels of NAD? One commonly recommended way is to use supplements that have been specifically designed for this purpose. At Forrest Health, you have access to a range of reasonably priced, high-quality NAD supplements. View the infographic below for more information on the science of NAD anti-aging functions, how to identify NAD precursors, and the value of supplementation.

NAD and Aging Infographic

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