How to Keep Your Ears Healthy

Doctor examined the patient's ear with Otoscope

Although we may take them for granted, our ears need to be healthy in order to keep functioning the way they should. There are many ways you can preserve and maintain hearing health, including proper hygiene and protecting your hearing.

Why Is Ear Health Important?

Your ear health is important because healthy ears will allow you to hear the most number of sounds possible. If your ears are healthy, they’re not plagued by painful and damaging infections.

Ear Health Tips

These ear health tips are not only easy to implement but can help ensure your ears and hearing function properly for life.

Minimize Loud Noise Exposure

Over time, the continual exposure to loud noises can cause hearing loss. It’s important to minimize exposure to noise, both in frequency and duration. Where this isn’t possible, the World Health Organization recommends wearing hearing protection when around loud noises.

Activities that can damage hearing and, therefore, which should be accompanied by hearing protection include:

  • Using a lawnmower or chainsaw
  • Attending a rock concert
  • Playing loud music with a band
  • Shooting at a gun range
  • Any other activity that requires you to shout

Loud sounds over 85 dB (decibels) can damage the small hair cells inside the ears that are responsible for hearing acuity.1 Should these cells be destroyed, they may be unable to regenerate, resulting in ringing in the ears and noise-induced hearing loss.

You can also minimize your exposure by doing the following:

  • Reducing volume when listening to audio via headphones or earbuds
  • Taking several breaks when exposed to loud noise over several hours
  • Giving your ears several hours of recovery time following exposure to loud noise for prolonged periods, such as a rock concert
  • Avoiding or keeping your distance from places that emit loud noise where possible

Don’t Place Foreign Objects in Your Ears

Man clean his ears using Q-tip cotton swab

Using cotton swabs to remove dirt and wax from ears can damage the organs and structures inside. The general adage is that if it’s smaller than your elbow, then it shouldn’t be inserted in your ear.

The following are all safe ways to clean the ears:

  • Cleaning the ear canal gently with a damp towel
  • Using a ear wax removal solution
  • Allowing earwax to accumulate and removing debris naturally

Remember that the ears clean themselves; earwax is what stops harmful particles from getting inside the ears, so removing it may leave your ears vulnerable to infection.

Keep Ears Dry and Maintain Equal Pressure

Any moisture that enters your ears can carry infection-causing bacteria. Some ear infections can cause hearing loss, so it’s important to dry ears gently with a towel after swimming or bathing. Swimmers’ earplugs can also keep your ears dry.

Too much pressure in the ears can also cause hearing damage. Yawn and swallow frequently while in a plane during landing. Techniques to reduce ear pressure during scuba diving can also help you preserve your hearing.

Get Regular Hearing Screening

Regular checkups of your inner and outer ears are vital to preserving your hearing and ear health. If you’re experiencing changes in your hearing, get your hearing tested; a hearing aid may be recommended.

Take Natural Products for Ear Health Care

There are many natural products that promote ear health. For example, you can prevent inner ear damage by taking magnesium and help your ears fight viral and bacterial infections with zinc.

Potassium is needed by the inner ear to convert sound and, when you want stronger middle ear bones, vitamin D can help.

High-Quality, Natural Ear Care

Natural products like citricidal ear drops, formulations ,and supplements offer many drug-free benefits for your ear health. Forrest Health products are formulated with the latest technology and highest quality for maximum health benefit. Browse our products online or call 408-354-4262.



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