Who Should Take Supplements?

Needed vitamins and nutrients are available from whole foods, but for those unable to achieve sufficient absorption, supplements can offer a solution that benefits overall health.

What Are Supplements?

Supplements are vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients that are available in pill, liquid, and powder formations and in various doses.

Who Can Benefit from Supplements?

Those who need higher amounts of nutrients like pregnant women, those on vegan and vegetarian diets, and those with limited sun exposure are all examples of people who can benefit from supplements.

An important pregnancy supplement is folic acid because of its ability to prevent birth defects affecting the brain and spine. Vitamin B12 is a recommended vegan supplement because these diets do not include animal products that contain B12.

Those who don’t get sufficient sun exposure benefit from vitamin D supplements because this vitamin supports bone building and calcium absorption.

Many other people can benefit from supplements, but, because everyone has different needs, it’s important to consult your doctor for assistance with identifying deficiencies and formulating the right combination of supplements for you.

This great infographic from Forrest Health will reveal more about the supplements that can benefit you.

Who Should Take Supplements Infographic

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