Wellness Coaching Agreements

(2) If a client poses an imminent danger to himself or threatens a threat of violence against another person, I must take protective measures. These situations rarely occur in coaching practices, but if such a situation occurs, I will do everything in my power to discuss them with you before I do anything. The evaluation of the formulation of an agreement is ideally reciprocal. The coach and the client are both busy determining their elements; You participate in both the verification of expectations and the assessment of the compliance of the coach`s methods with the stated objectives. A client may have a target in relation to an area where the coach is richly experienced and competent. Based on personal experiences, the coach thinks she can help. But the client is hopeful that the help will take some form. For example, the coach will write a recipe that he will follow relentlessly. Even if coaching becomes a better understood professional field, some clients will continue to arrive with expectations that simply do not correspond to the model to which the coach adheres. I take minimum notes during our time together to keep us on track. I recommend you create a coaching file, take notes, keep all relevant information together and make it easily accessible for our meetings.

Using a laptop or spiral computer for this purpose can be helpful. Important: Once you have read and agreed to the terms outlined in this agreement, we can move forward with your coaching experience. Please take some time to completely verify this document and submit it after it has been complete. If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided, please contact me. Termination: If one of us is dissatisfied at any time for any reason, we can terminate the agreement. If, for some reason, you decide that our meetings are no longer valid for your goals, you can request in writing the end of coaching. For the termination of a coaching contract, an administrative fee of 200 $US are charged, unless I decide, as a coach, to end coaching. This ensures a strong partnership between us as well as commitment to the coaching process. Because in advance, we will decide in advance who will make the call on the scheduled day and on time. Do your best to make your coaching a priority and keep your appointments. The Health Coach does not provide medical diagnoses, claims and/or replacements for your doctor`s care. As a health and wellness coach, I will not give a second opinion or try in any way to change your personal doctor`s treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations.

It is my duty to work with you to provide ongoing support and responsibility when you develop an action plan to achieve and maintain your health goals. At the end of the day, there is a question of play or adjustment. Will this client work well with this coach to achieve this particular goal? Will the application of this coaching method be effective? Will this coach be able to work with this client who has this particular lifestyle and set of expectations for a given result within a defined time frame? An essential question about adjustment can be asked as follows: is there chemistry between the coach and the client? As a client, I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my well-being during my calls, which includes all decisions I make during or outside the coaching call/meeting.

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