Talent Agent Agreement

congratulations! I hope you have done your homework and due diligence and you have assured that your contract is safe and in your best interest to sign. After signing the Talent Agency contract, you must send a copy to your agent. As a general rule, this can be done today by email with an email that allows you to sign the contract digitally (it is still 100% legally binding). You can then save the signed version and send it back to the agent or a specific contact. You should also save a copy of the contract in a folder on your computer or Google Drive if you need to. A 1-year contract is generally the industry standard for talent agent contracts in the middle-class working-class arena. Anything that is more than a year old is not the norm and should be strongly questioned. Don`t be shy about asking why they are proposing a multi-year treaty to continue asking if they are not giving a clear answer. If you still love the agent, but don`t want to sign a multi-year contract, let them know and ask for a one-year contract instead. From there, your new agent should confirm that he has received the signed copy of the contract and describe the next steps he wants to take to become a member of his rolling board. This often involves sending all materials (headshots, CVs, etc.), linking your casting profiles to your agent, understanding agency rules and contacts, and all other instructions at your agent`s discretion. However, the question of whether a talent agency should be entitled to payment of services after the term of the contract expires is a matter of negotiation. A lawyer will generally want to change the wording to ensure that only projects that will actually be negotiated during the duration of the talent agency agreement will be submitted to the Talent Agency Commission.

A talent agency agreement, exclusive or not, may not exceed 7 years. Usually, it`s less than that. The duration of the contract is negotiable. The duration is usually between 1 and 5 years. AFTRA and Equity (unions) limit the initial duration of an actor`s contract to 1 year, but the term may then be extended for a longer period. Larger and more successful talent agencies cover a number of different sectors within the entertainment industry and create departments within the Agency for each area of interest. Some actors employ a personal manager and/or keep an entertainment lawyer instead of a talented agent. Administrative agreements are not subject to the protection of trade unions and, depending on the state and the nature of their formulations, the state may not be allowed. Many talent agencies specialize in one or more areas such as model (although model management companies today do everything in their power to avoid being called a talent agency, to be called talent agencies, to be made redundant as talent agents or to unite their models) or with the arrival of social media influencers, other agencies today focus mainly or social media stars, whether for fashion or lifestyle or for YouTube and Facebook. Signing a contract with a bad talent agency or personal management contract can end your hopes before you really get into your efforts, so if you can afford it, look at an entertainment lawyer on every contract you get before you sign it.

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