Standard Work Contract Agreement

The fourth section will decide on the amount the employer pays the worker to meet its obligations. Find the article with the inscription “IV. pay. Use the first two blank lines to document how much money the employer pays the employee (report this number as words in the first line and digitally in the second line). In addition to reporting this figure, you must specify whether this amount is an hourly rate or an annual salary. Check the checkbox entitled “Per hour” if the reported amount is paid every hour to the employee or to the “Salary on A Annual Basis” if the number entered is the total amount the employee receives each year, regardless of the number of hours he or she works. We must also record the number of times the employee receives compensation. Five options are available. Simply top the contribution box with the terms “week,” “bi-weekly,” “monthly,” “quarterly” or “annual” to consolidate the frequency with which the employee receives a pay cheque. Some additional areas will be available to cover the employee`s compensation, but these positions must only be filled if they apply to the current agreement. If the employee receives a commission, note how often he receives a commission for the first empty line of Article “A.” Commissions. You also need to document the exact method used to calculate each commission payment to the employee using the second set of empty lines.

If the employer intends to award a bonus, look for the next point (“B.) Bonus “) and note, such as the frequency of bonuses that are paid to the employee (i.e. quarterly). Make sure you also set how bonuses are calculated by describing the calculation on the second set of empty lines. If the employer intends to give the employee the opportunity to participate in and use the employer`s benefits, look for the empty lines in “V. Staff Benefits.” A list of benefits that the employer intends to make available to the employee in these lines. Some employers and workers agree that certain expenses incurred by the worker in his or her activity may be reimbursed by the employer. If this is the case, check each box to be contributed with an item that the employer reimburses the employee for payment in “VI.” “Out of pocket.” You can select “Travel,” “Food,” “Accommodation” and/or “Others.” The last box (“Other”) will show an empty line in which you should specify eligible a-pocket expenses. In “VII. Ownership shares,” mark the first cot if the employee does not have partial ownership of the employer`s business.

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