Renewed Tenancy Agreements

There were in fact no cases where a landlord was sued for non-protection of the deposit, if the lease became periodic, otherwise it would be the legislation that is not, Although a lease has a deadline, the agreement between you and the owner will end only when you have evacuated the property and it has been returned. Although useful in some circumstances, a rolling rental contract or landlord does not give you the certainty of knowing how long you have the long stay in the accommodation. My daughter rents a house with 4 other tenants (HMO). It`s a student to leave, but on an AST. They moved into the property at the end of September 18 on a 12-month lease. Last week, they were asked if they wanted to extend September 19 and they had to make up their minds, or the property would be put on the market. Can you tell me if it is legal? Thank you If a tenant stays in the property after the end of the fixed life, he is appointed by a “periodic rental contract”. This means that the indeterminate lease (potentially many years) continues on the same terms as the original lease, unless the lessor and tenant agree otherwise. Last year, I successfully deposited three parts of different tenants to cover vandalism during periodic rent. I do not know why you are implying that you cannot say or that it is more difficult to say whether the lease is periodic. For the last time, I would like to say that there is no legislation that supports your statement. I will be happy to believe you and apologize for my ignorance if you provide me with real evidence, rather than washing answers, which cannot be proven and are not relevant at this stage. Your lease does not automatically end if you move during a temporary rental period.

Your lease usually expires automatically if you go to the last day of the fixed term. Some contracts say you have to terminate, so check your consent. Eric, my point is the use of a temporary repository before it becomes periodic. Don`t be distracted by the stupid punishments that baffle the purpose of rental bonds! I rented a company for which the 6-month term was due to end in April, but they asked for a two-month extension. I have confirmed in writing that the lease expires in June and that all other conditions remain identical to the original lease. A landlord or tenant cannot cancel an early temporary rent. Both should be very sure that they want a limited time before signing the lease. The same conditions apply in the expiring lease, but the only difference is that the new lease becomes periodic. The “period” depends on how often the rent is paid. If the rent is paid z.B. on the basis of PCM (per calendar month), the contract is monthly. The same principle applies when the rent is paid weekly or two weeks.

When the time comes, it`s important to know your options so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to renew or terminate your current lease.

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