Hotel Franchise Agreement Sample

Notwithstanding the above or other provisions in this agreement, directors` obligations with respect to the operation and management of hotels are limited, in accordance with the hotel mortgage, basic rents, leases and CRs, to the extent to which (i) the full copies were provided in advance to the administrator by the tenant sufficiently to allow the administrator to manage the hotels in accordance with these documents. and (ii) their provisions and/or compliance with these provisions by managers (a) apply to day-to-day management; routine maintenance and repair and replacement of hotels, the FF-E or part of it; b) not requiring the manager`s funding; (c) do not significantly increase managers` obligations under this subpage or significantly reduce directors` rights or benefits (d) no business activities or transactions involving managers or a partner management organization or other activities, divestitures; Transactions, real estate or other matters that involve, limit or attempt the manager`s managers or affiliated entities as partner companies of the manager as on the hotel website, and (e) are within the management tasks provided for by this Agreement. The tenant acknowledges and accepts, without limiting the above, that any non-compliance (i) tenant of the provisions of the hotel mortgage, basic rents, rental and CKR contracts or legal requirements or (ii) of the administrator, the provisions of these agreements or legal requirements which, in the case of (i) and ii), (A) the condition of hotels and/or non-compliance prior to the effective date, B) construction activities in hotels prior to the start date, C) restrictions inherent in design and/or construction, location of hotels and/or parking in hotels prior to start date, (D) Failure of the taker to provide funds from operations or other sufficient means , sufficient to allow timely compliance, through appropriate and customary business practices, of applicable standards or leases, rents, hotel mortgages and/or CCRs, and/or underwriters who do not properly authorize a good faith business required by the manager, necessary or appropriate to comply with these assets, is not considered an offence by the manager. Managers and tenants agree that from time to time, as long as the manager complies with franchise agreements and legal requirements, the manager may provide additional marketing materials in hotel rooms that promote other hotels or managerial programs or related businesses (including through a television channel specializing in hotel rooms), at the sole expense and at the manager`s expense, If these other hotels or programs marketed by the manager are not in direct competition with the hotel where the marketing materials and information of WHEREAS are placed, FRANCHISOR has developed a commercial concept to offer the public accommodation services of a distinctive character® “Americlnn” “Americln Lodge – Suites” Hotel – Suites® , “Americlnn Motel – Suites®” and “Americlnn Motel®” (`Business System`) and is called `Americlnn®`, `Americlnn Lodge ` Suites®`, `Americln Hotel `Suites®`Americlnn Motel®® service marks, copyrights, patterns, drawings, slogans, logos, indoor and outdoor buildings, commercial symbols and colour combinations (hereafter referred to as “existing brands”) for the public and other businesses, as an organization of motels, hotels and lodges operating within the commercial system; and 12.1 Insurance.

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