Under The Terms Of A Divorce Agreement Entered Into In 2017 Lanny

After divorce or separation, ex-spouses cannot live in the same household or file a joint return for payments considered deductible dependants. Divorce or separation can lead to many personal and financial changes. At eFile.com, we want to solve complicated tax issues for you. If you prepare your taxes on eFile.com and e-file, you don`t need to know all these details described here, but just answer a few simple questions online yes or no and we`ll do the rest for you. You can be sure of that. Depending on your answers. Your income tax return is made in your best interest. No change in the tax treatment of payments required in divorce contracts before 2019 (business as usual) Note: They may be paid as part of a divorce or separation contract (1) executed after 2018 or (2) before 2019, but amended later if the amendment expressly states that the removal of the deduction does not apply to the amendment. Alimony and the separate support payments you receive under such a contract are not included in your gross income. On the other hand, if you pay your ex as part of a divorce agreement before 2019, nothing has changed. But your payments must comply with all the above rules to have tax-deductible pensions.

For more information on support and separate maintenance requirements, as well as cases in which you may be required to recover a declared or deducted amount (reconquest of the support obligation), see publication 504, divorced or separated persons. For more information on decrees and agreements reached before 1985, see the 2004 version of Publication 504 PDF. In order to obtain deductible support payments, a payment cannot be considered a fixed allowance or child benefit under the rules of the support tax. The rules on child care – particularly what is considered child care – are complex and a trap for reckless taxpayers. Talk to a tax specialist if your proposed divorce contract includes payments you have with your dependants, as well as payments you plan to make as a child welfare worker.

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