Transfer Agreement Ripe Ncc

For a transfer of resources to the Ripe NCC service region, the following documents are required: The NCC RIPE may ask other parties/parties to confirm their consent to the transfer. Confirmation must be authorized (signed or sent) by a contact person or an authorized person (z.B senior manager, entitled). The member must send an e-mail to ncc `at` ripe `dot` net informing the RIPE NCC of the name change. This email should contain the following information: If the resources of the Internet number are transferred to a non-member, the receiving party must apply to become a member by signing a standard RIPE NCC service agreement before transmission (more information about membership is available). If the receiving party refuses to do so, the RIPE NCC does not transfer the resources of the Internet number. This document does not describe how to comply with the transfer of internet number resources from the RIPE NCC service region to another IRB`s service region and vice versa. This procedure is described in the RIPE NCC “Inter-RIR Transfer of Internet Number Resources” procedure document. Do you have to transfer resources due to a change in company structure (para. B example, merger, acquisition)? Learn how to update your information and transfer your resources to the new structure.

1b. Prior authorization: for inter-RIR transfers, in particular ARIN transfers to the RIPE region, a buyer within RIPE must demonstrate the need for RIPE NCC using 50% within 5 years. This is the final step in RIPE NCC`s DUE due diligence process before a transfer is approved. This means that any transfer of Internet number resources from one party to another or any change in the legal status of a party holding the registration of internet number resources must be notified to the NCC RIPE. 1 bis. No prior authorization: in the RIPE region, the buyer does not need prior authorization for the transfer of IPs. At the time of the submission of a RIPE transfer contract, the NCC RIPE simply requires the buyer to be an LIR member of the NCC RIPE. The NCC RIPE may request an overview of the use of all internet number-related resources registered with the member and all end-user allocation agreements signed by the member. If, for any reason, a member transfers its Internet number resources to a third party, this transmission must be reported to the NCC RIPE for approval. The transfer request can be filed as shown above (section 3.1).

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