Gla Framework Agreement

This procurement procedure is managed by Transport for London (`TfL`) on behalf of the Greater London Authority (`GLA`). This process is being implemented as an innovation partnership in accordance with Regulation 31 of the Public Procurement Regulation 2015. The GLA has recognized the need for an innovative solution that cannot be satisfied by what is available on the market: a standard “fully home” zero-energy solution (“NZE”) for upgrading homes at an economical price. This process aims to develop this innovative solution; and subsequent acquisition under a framework agreement, provided that certain levels of performance and maximum costs are met. If successful, the process: 1) will develop a solution that does not currently exist on the market; 2) create an efficient route to the housing supplier pipeline market (as defined in point II.2.4); and 3) developing a strong supply chain for NZE solutions. The Greater London Authority`s values are incorporated into its jurisdictional framework that outlines the behaviours necessary for the GLA to function effectively. The client has the option, at his sole discretion, to extend the duration of the framework agreement in writing to solution providers for additional periods or periods, up to a total of 36 months. The Contract and Funding Code explains how the mayor, elected members and public servants must ensure that they are able to clearly account for expenditures and that the money is spent effectively, effectively and in accordance with the legal competences, obligations and governance framework of the GLA. This framework forms the basis of THE management of the GLA vis-à-vis people, particularly in the areas of recruitment and selection, performance management and development. Understands the powers and obligations of the GLA Group and defines its respective functions and responsibilities, as well as its mutual relationships. The framework is based on Nolan`s principles. The objective of the case management policy is to create a framework for the creation, maintenance, storage, use and disposal of GLA records, support corporate governance and facilitate compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The document of the directive contains the conservation timetable and the directive on the historical archiving of the GLA.

The GLA Financial Settlement Document outlines how GLA`s finances are managed and how spending decisions can be made. There is also a cost and performance framework. This will help to define a general framework for interaction between elected members and public servants to ensure that they cooperate effectively and effectively to manage the affairs of the town hall. The GLG`s decision interacts with that of its functional bodies when these bodies require a formal decision or approval from the mayor. This is particularly relevant to the two Mayoral Development Corporations: the London Legacy Development Corporation and the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation.

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