Dialog Agreement 4 Orang

Top Photo Group Illustration of the discussionConting dialog 3 peopleSintia: This film was released last week. Have you seen it? Ranti: Yes, I did. Bella: Oh, I watched it yesterday too. Sintia: Really? I`ve seen it too. How do you feel about that? Ranti: I don`t really like it. There are plot holes that annoy me. Sintia: I agree with you. At the end of the film, I was not satisfied. Bella: Yes. But comedy A really helps, at least I could feel his emotions. Ranti: I`m not sure.

I think because actress B is the co-star, actor A had his confidence. Bella: That`s true, but his comedy has been good since the previous film. Sintia: Exactly. Last year, he even received an award. Too bad a lot of people aren`t happy with his film. Teacher: Tomorrow students!. I see too much room in the classroom wall. Please don`t write anything on it.

The classroom looks so dirty. Rino: Some of us write a word or line on it, sir. Professor: Oh, don`t do that anymore! Do you agree if we repaint this classroom? Build: I agree. The class becomes more colorful. Master: What color do you like? Inda: I thingk that orange will fit our mind. Cleo: Orange? I don`t think so. In my opinion, the blue will be more impressive. Teacher: That`s enough, student! We choose blue on one side, but on the other side, it is pink. Do you agree? Rino, Bina, Inda, Kleo: We agree, sir! Teen Meaning: Hi Friends! Ben: Hello Teen! San: Hello Teen and Ben! Dio: Hello everyone! Teen: Hi, Ben, you said yesterday that the next day, we have to discuss the big projects.

What is it? Dio: I`m very curious about that. Please let us know. San: Yes, now know Ben: Okay, it`s actually about our class. I have to make our class more colorful. Do you agree? Teen: Yes, I do. I agree with you. San: I`m not sure, I`m afraid our class counselors would be mad at us for not asking first. Ben: What do you think, Dio? Dio: I agree to a certain extent, but I think what San said is true. We should discuss this not only with our class counselors, but also with our classmates.

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