Foods High in Vitamin C that Your Kids Will Love

Vitamin C helps kids strengthen their immune systems and build muscles and bones, and it protects cells from damage. Thanks to all the kid-friendly foods that contain it, it’s easy for them to get their daily dose.


Strawberries, oranges, and pink grapefruit juice are all high in vitamin C. Your child can get 97.6 mg from just one cup of sliced strawberries, 95.8 mg from a cup of sliced oranges, and 93.9 mg in a cup of pink grapefruit juice. Tangerine juice, mangos, and lemons also pack a hefty punch of vitamin C.

Vegetables and Nuts

Sweet potatoes are delicious and packed with 42 mg of vitamin C per cup. Roasted chestnuts provide over 20 mg of C for every 10 they eat, and sweet white corn provides vitamin C to the tune of 5 mg for every small ear.

How Much Does Your Child Need?

The dietary allowance changes with each age group. For example, the allowance for kids between one and three years is 15 mg, but this rises to 45 mg for kids between 9 and 13.

Looking for even more great foods that contain vitamin C? Just check out this infographic from Forrest Health.

High Vitamin C Foods For Kids Infographic

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