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How to Support Healthy Liver Function

The liver is a multi-purpose organ; it breaks down carbohydrates, makes glucose, stores nutrients, detoxes the body, and creates the bile necessary for digestion and nutrient absorption. However, it can only accomplish all of these tasks efficiently when it’s healthy, … Continue reading

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Foods High in Vitamin C that Your Kids Will Love

Vitamin C helps kids strengthen their immune systems and build muscles and bones, and it protects cells from damage. Thanks to all the kid-friendly foods that contain it, it’s easy for them to get their daily dose. Fruits Strawberries, oranges, … Continue reading

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How Much Fiber Should We Be Consuming on a Daily Basis?

These days, we see the word “fiber” everywhere. Doctors tell us to eat more. Foods contain added fiber, state that they’re rich in it, or boast that their product is a good fiber source—but what is fiber, exactly? Why do … Continue reading

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