How to Manage Stress-Eating During Quarantine

For some, being at home during the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been detrimental, but, for others, the negative emotions connected to the virus have resulted in stress-eating and, ultimately, a negative effect on health and unwanted weight gain. If you’re eating due to pandemic stress, these tips will help.

What Causes Stress-Eating and Why Is It Detrimental?

When we experience stress on a regular basis like we are at this time, our bodies release cortisol. When the amount of cortisol in the body increases, it also increases the urge to eat.

What’s worse, cortisol increases our intake of high-sugar and high-fat foods. When consumed during stressful times, studies show that these foods lessen negative emotions and stress responses. This quick relief, combined with the fact that these foods are so conveniently located in the home, causes this unhealthy eating cycle to be perpetuated.

The lack of nutrients in these foods, and the potential lack of physical activity, can lead to weight gain, obesity, and a host of health problems.

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Ways to Stop Stress-Eating

There are several ways to stop stress-eating and improve your health.

Swap Your Snacks

The first thing to do is swap out unhealthy snacks in your home for healthier ones. Instead of chips, choose a handful of mixed nuts or kale chips. Both of these will provide your body and its immune system with the nutrients it needs and keep you feeling fuller for longer so that you eat less.

Eat on a Schedule

If you’ve become used to grabbing unhealthy meals and snacks throughout the day now that you’re at home, you may be stress-eating. Having a schedule for your meals and snacks, just as you once did during your usual workday, can help. Resolve to stick to this schedule, and reward yourself by allowing for some “cheating” on the weekends.

Seek Support

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Being at home during the coronavirus pandemic can have a negative effect on mental health. Learning how to lower stress—whether it’s talking with a friend, family member, or therapist or researching solutions—can benefit your health in many ways. Choosing natural supplements for anxiety is another great way to replace stress-eating with something that benefits your health.

Eat to Satiety

When stress hits, watching the amount of food we eat can take a back seat to getting that instant relief, and this is how weight gain can happen. So, in addition to sticking to your eating schedule and eating healthy foods, it’s also a good idea to listen to your body. While eating, note how your body feels; if you feel satisfied, that’s the time to stop eating.

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