How to Tackle Insomnia with Natural Remedies

Insomnia can definitely be frustrating. However, not getting the sleep you need can also have a negative effect on your health. These natural remedies can help you get your required rest, as well as offer you many other health benefits.

Meditation and Light

Meditation is an ancient practice that helps to quiet a worried or racing mind. Whether it’s a guided meditation or the simple act of focusing on your breathing, these methods are easy to learn and can be found online. Using a UV lamp can help to restore balance to disrupted circadian rhythms responsible for winding us down at night.

Healthy Habits and Supplements

A healthy diet ensures the body is nourished but not artificially stimulated. Regular exercise can help you to feel tired as well as tone your muscles. Taking additional melatonin has been shown to help those with insomnia not only get to sleep but stay asleep more easily. Lavender oil or supplements will help you relax and get a better quality of sleep.

Where it comes to relieving insomnia, there’s no better place to start than with nature. Want more natural ideas for better sleep? Check out this infographic from Forrest Health.

How to Tackle Insomnia with Natural Remedies Infographic

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