Sun Safety Tips to Protect Your Skin

Sun exposure benefits many processes in the body but, when overexposed to UV radiation, skin damage and the development of serious health conditions can be the result. In order to prevent this, it’s important to practice safety while in the sun. These sun safety tips will help to keep you and your loved ones protected while out in the sun.

Why Should You Think About Sun Exposure?

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Sun exposure is an important consideration because, over time, repeated exposure to UV rays causes permanent changes to the genetic structure of the skin. This can result in sagging and wrinkles. However, when you get a sunburn, your lifetime risk of developing skin cancer increases significantly.

Get Shady

Shade is an effective and natural way to protect skin from the sun and reduce the chances of damage. Whether it’s a shelter, tree, or umbrella, staying out of the sun is still the most effective way to keep your skin healthy. For those with sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to protect the skin with sunscreen or by covering skin, even when in the shade.


There are many natural skincare products on the market today that offer UV protection without added chemicals. Makeup, lip balm, and other products containing at least SPF 15 are recommended for protecting the skin from UV damage. In addition to natural skin care, you can also protect your skin with SPF-infused clothing.

Sunscreen can also be effective at protecting skin. However, because it will wear off, it’s important to reapply sunscreen frequently if you plan to be in the sun for two hours or more or you have been sweating, swimming, and drying off. You can also use sunscreen with any of the skin-protecting tips you read here for an extra layer of protection.

Use These Tools

It’s important not to expose your skin to UV rays unless absolutely necessary—but that doesn’t mean you can’t look great doing it! Sunglasses protect the eyes, and a wide-brimmed hat of tightly woven fabric will ensure the sun on your ears, your face, and the back of your neck is completely blocked.

Beach cover-ups, long sleeves, and long skirts or pants are all effective ways to shield your skin from the sun. So, while outdoors, ensure you’re wearing these items continuously. Among the many tools available to protect your skin, perhaps none is so effective as common sense. Don’t spend time in the sun if you don’t have to, and just say no to tanning beds.

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If it’s vitamin D you’re after, it’s true you can replenish your body’s supply in the sun. However, a better way to achieve sun safety is to supplement with a liquid vitamin D product.

Innovative Products That Protect Skin Naturally

There’s nothing better than natural where it comes to supporting your skin and overall health. Forrest Health specializes in products that combine the latest technology with natural ingredients to maximize the benefits to your skin. Browse our inventory online or call us at 408-354-4262.

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