How to Help with Bone Support

Bones are not only responsible for support movement. They also support the body, protect our organs, and store minerals. Eating the right foods is one of several ways to ensure that your body receives what it needs for healthy bones.

The best diet for bones is one that’s rich in calcium and that supplies the right combination of vitamins. Along with being a great antioxidant, vitamin C is also incredibly beneficial for bones because it assists with collagen production, a building block for bones. This powerhouse nutrient can be found in strawberries, broccoli, and oranges.

Vitamin K helps to build your bones and keep them strong. Green foods including cabbage, spinach, and broccoli all contain significant amounts of this vitamin. In addition to foods for bone support, regular activity is also very beneficial for keeping bones strong, which ultimately prevents the onset of osteoporosis. A few minutes in the sun is all that’s needed to produce the body’s daily requirement of bone-promoting vitamin D.

No matter whether you choose to move, improve your diet, or use supplements, your bones will thank you. Check out this infographic from Forrest Health for more ways to support your bone health.

How to Help with Bone Support Infographic

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