A Guide to Prenatal Vitamins

Both mothers and mothers-to-be know just how much pregnancy can take from your body. That new human life forming inside you is a miracle, but it’s also a miracle that needs to be fed! With you and your dietary intake the sole source of your growing baby’s nutrition, you have to be sure that you’re taking in—and passing on—everything your baby needs.

Even right at the very beginning of a pregnancy, having the correct minerals and vitamins is incredibly important. This is a crucial stage in a baby’s development. Their entire neural network (including their brain and spine) has already started to form. As you can imagine, they’ll need all the help they can get.

Unfortunately, in most modern diets, we often don’t get enough of these essential vitamins and minerals. In fact, many doctors recommend that expectant mothers “top up” their levels with the use of specially formulated supplements known as prenatal vitamins.

What exactly are prenatal vitamins? Which prenatal vitamins should you take? When should you start taking them? Here’s our comprehensive guide to supporting healthy baby development.

Prenatal Vitamin Guide Infographic

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