What Is an Anti-Cancer Diet?

You might think that your current diet is well-balanced and nutritionally sound, but you might be missing some key nutrients and vitamins that help support a healthy, cancer-free lifestyle. It can be difficult to get everything you need from diet alone, and that’s where herbal supplements come in.

Nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies can help fill the nutritional gap between your daily meals, which could lower breast cancer risk. Whether you take careful note of your intake of food and vitamins and exercise regularly or are just now on the hunt for how to prevent breast cancer, staying on top of supportive supplements that are recommended for peak wellness can be no small task. Here are a few vitamins and foods to keep an eye on to stay ahead of the game.

Vitamins for Preventing Breast Cancer

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There are several ways to take vitamins: in a multivitamin, in a protein or health powder, in capsules, tablets, juices, shakes, injections—you name it. Whether they are prescribed to you by your doctor or nutritionist or you pick one out on your own, be sure you’re always reading the label of whatever nutritional supplements you buy to ensure that you’re taking the right dosage and not taking more than you need.

Vitamin D

There are several vitamins that can help support women at high risk of breast cancer. One of the most popular is vitamin D.

Vitamin D is activated in your body when it is exposed to sunlight, so it is often recommended to get some fresh air and spend some time in the sun. Lower levels of vitamin D can lead to feelings of depression and sadness, but vitamin D also is important for calcium absorption, which helps support strong bones. Vitamin D also supports the muscles, nervous system, and, importantly, the immune system, which is crucial for fighting off cancer and other diseases.

If you don’t spend much time in the sun, don’t just jump into getting a vitamin D nutritional supplement—have your doctor do a blood test first, with regular tests afterward to monitor your levels. Vitamin D can be found in foods like fortified milk, fattier fish, and eggs, so you may be getting more than you think!


Another vitamin that can help prevent breast cancer and other cancers is selenium. Here’s another vitamin you want to be sure you aren’t overdoing! Selenium can help reduce free radical molecules, which are floating around inside your body, attacking cells and possibly causing cancer. You can probably get most of what you need from a diet rich in whole grains, brazil nuts, and meat, but selenium nutritional supplements are also available.

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Melatonin is a great over-the-counter homeopathic remedy for irregular sleep cycles, and it also helps prevent breast cancer cell growth. You do produce melatonin naturally, but perhaps not enough. Like vitamin D, melatonin supports your immune system, which, in turn, fights off cancer. It is no replacement for a good night’s sleep, but taking a regular melatonin supplement can help you feel more replenished and have a stronger immune response.

Where Should You Buy Quality Nutritional Supplements?

If you’re at an increased risk of breast cancer and looking for homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements to support your immune system and to reduce the likelihood of cancer, Forrest Health is the place to go—we have extensive experience, a knowledgeable staff, and an amazing selection of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and options for you on your path to wellness. You can call us today, at 408-354-4262, or look through our website. Your health is waiting!

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