5 Supplements to Complement Your New Year Workout Goals

Among the New Year’s resolutions made by millions of Americans, getting healthier is certain to be at or near the top of the list. In addition to upping your workout game, supplements can help provide your body with what it needs to build muscle. Here are five muscle-building nutritional supplements to consider including in your exercise regimen.

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A Well-Researched Supplement

Where the goal is to increase your muscle size and strength overall, creatine is a proven option. This supplement, which also boosts energy levels, is a great addition if you’re doing high-intensity exercises in short bursts. Taken prior to a workout, creatine will improve performance during exercise. Taken afterward, it will decrease soreness and inspire muscles to grow.

A typical dose of creatine is five grams daily, and it’s a good idea to split this dose in half, taking one before your workout and the other when you’re done.

An Amino Acid Trio

If you aren’t eating enough fish, dairy, eggs, poultry and meat, you’re likely not getting sufficient branched-chain amino acids, or BCAAs, in your diet. Your muscles need this amino acid blend to maintain their mass and, when used as pre-workout supplements, they provide better endurance. BCAAs also help decrease muscle damage and soreness.

Your BCAA supplement should contain one part isoleucine and valine to two parts leucine. Taking three to six grams of BCAA before or during exercise is recommended.

The Efficient Muscle-Builder

Getting enough protein in our diets isn’t always possible. Whey protein, a supplement that can provide your body with lots of protein and amino acids, can help with that. Fast-digesting and able to be absorbed more easily than other sources of protein, whey protein taken before or after a workout is a key muscle-building supplement.

The recommended dose of whey protein falls between 20 and 30 grams, ideally taken throughout the day. This will allow you to enjoy its muscle-building benefits as well as get your required amount of the day’s protein.

Optimize Performance

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L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is categorized as being conditionally essential. This means that the body is not always able to make sufficient amounts. Supporting your post-workout with this supplement can help you recover faster and feel less sore. In addition, because it aids in glutathione synthesis, L- Glutamine can also reduce fatigue in your muscles.

Just five grams of powder in a smoothie, a protein shake, or water is all that’s needed to reap L-Glutamine’s many benefits.

The Fat-to-Energy Converter

When you want to burn more fat during workouts, look to L-Carnitine supplements. They encourage the body to burn fat for fuel and also protect it from the effects of intense exercise by reducing oxidative stress. For best results, take half of a 2-3g dose 1.5 hours before exercise and the other half after your workout.

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