How Do I Bolster My Immune System?

The immune system is the body’s main defense against infection, neutralizing and removing viruses, bacteria, and other invaders before they take up residence. However, in order for the immune system to do its job, it must be in proper working condition. Nutritional supplements can help ensure immune system efficiency.

Important Foods for Immune System Health

Mushrooms, green tea, and Indian gooseberry or Amla are three very important foods which help strengthen the immune system in different ways.

Green tea contains antioxidants which benefit the immune system by protecting it from the damage that free radicals and other compounds can cause, which often results in abnormal function.

Of the many available mushroom varieties, the Maitake mushroom is a superior immune system booster. Maitake mushrooms contain beta-glucan, which activates the immune system’s natural killer and T-cells, which are viral and bacterial infection fighters.

The Amla fruit is rich in vitamin C and helps the body absorb immune-boosting nutrients from food. It also helps the liver to flush toxins from the system.

Finding Quality Immune-Boosting Supplements

By combining state-of-the-art technology with natural ingredients, there are several immune-boosting and other health products of good quality available, including:

  • AHCC with Green Tea Extract – Offers antioxidant and infection-fighting properties for complete protection against bacteria and viruses.
  • Acute Immune Benefits Drops – An effective immune system booster made with Maitake mushroom.
  • Andrographis Plus Tabs – Enhance immune function for better health with Amla fruit extract.

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