5 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Energy and Vitality

If you are feeling sluggish, tired, or run down, chances are your body is not getting the energy it needs. Use these tips to increase your vitality and energy.

Nutritional Supplements

  1. Take Nutritional and Herbal Supplements – Many people do not get sufficient vitamins and minerals their bodies require from their daily food intake. Taking the right supplements and achieving the proper balance is necessary for better vitality and energy.
  2. Drink Plenty of Water – If the body becomes dehydrated, you may notice you feel tired or sluggish. Drinking water throughout the day helps keep you hydrated; not to mention, it helps maintain proper health.
  3. Exercise – 30 minutes of exercise each day can help increase your energy and vitality levels. Exercise can be varied and include running, walking, weight lifting, crunches, push-ups, swimming, and more. The main thing is do something so that your body will be moving and active during this period of time.
  4. Eat More Vegetables Throughout the Day – Your body needs fuel constantly. Vegetables provide the energy your body needs, and help guard against low and high swings in blood sugar levels to keep you energized. Rather than skipping meals or eating large portions, it is healthier to eat smaller meals and three to four healthy snacks. Ideally, you want to be eating something good for your body every three to four hours.
  5. Control Stress – Yoga, relaxation therapies, massage, and other methods to relieve stress are essential to boost your energy. When you are stressed, you consume a large amount of your body’s energy.

You can easily obtain herbal, nutritional, and vitamin supplements for help with increasing your energy and vitality, by ordering them directly from us here at Forrest Health, or by calling us at 408-354-4262 for further assistance.

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