Six Easy Detox Steps

Detoxing is a way to “reboot” your body, purging it of toxins and helping you to improve its performance. Detoxing, followed by a healthy diet complete with herbal supplements, will help you lose weight, enjoy better health, and have more energy.

Herbal supplements

If you’re interested in detoxing, these six steps will make it easier and more effective:

  • Begin with water – For a successful detox, start by drastically increasing your water intake. Natural health experts recommend that you drink a large glass of water in the mornings and add juice from half of a lemon to it. The lemon will help re-hydrate your body and assist in purging it of toxins.
  • Reduce sugar intake – To help rid your body of toxins, you’ll need to drastically reduce your sugar intake. That means ditch the sodas and flavored drinks, as well as cutting your consumption of sweet snacks.
  • Get moving – A good exercise program enhances blood circulation and digestion, as well as strengthening your body. The end result will be fewer toxins in your body.
  • Spend time outside – Working up a good sweat is an excellent way to flush your body of toxins. Go for a long walk or join in some outdoor activities at your local park.
  • Try supplements – We offer a wide variety of nutritional, herbal and homeopathic remedies to help support healthy detoxification.
  • Flush your nasal passages – Regular flushing of your nasal passages using a Neti pot will improve your breathing and help your body rid itself of toxins that may be causing allergy problems.

Forrest Health offers a wide range of natural supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies, sourced from highly reliable suppliers. Providing natural alternatives for health and fitness for 30 years, our experienced staff can help customers find just the right herbal solution for a variety of issues.

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