How You Can Make Your Immune System Stronger

How you treat your body affects your immune system and your ability to fight off diseases, infections, illnesses, and viruses. Developing a well-rounded routine by making changes to your current habits can greatly help strengthen your immune system.

  1. Take vitamins and nutritional supplements. Since most people do not tend to eat a well-balanced diet, supplements can help improve immune responses.
  2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables provides your body with added minerals and vitamins it requires to stay healthy.
  3. Exercise on a regular basis. Exercise not only makes your immune system stronger, but also can help make it easier to fall asleep and get a decent night’s rest.

    Nutritional Supplements

  4. Get plenty of sleep. Ideally, adults require between seven and nine hours of restful sleep each night to ensure their immune systems remain strong, as well as help reduce the levels of stress hormones.
  5. Finds ways to reduce stress. Meditation and yoga are both ideal ways to lower stress levels, which translates to a better functioning immune system.
  6. Have fun and laugh more. Laughter reduces stress and increases the white blood cells responsible for fighting infections.
  7. Be socially active. People with active social lifestyles and friends tend to have stronger immune systems.

In addition, people with stronger immune systems tend to have more energy, less stress and, overall, feel happier and more content. Obtain all of your nutritional, vitamin, and Metagenics supplements directly from Forrest Health. Call us at (408) 354-4262 today for more information or assistance in selecting the right supplements for a stronger and healthier immune system.

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