Tips for a Post-Holiday Reset

For many of us, the holidays are a time to let ourselves relax our standards and just enjoy ourselves. While we likely deserve some time to indulge and not think about the future, the future eventually comes.

What Creates the Need for a Post-Holiday Detox?

It’s not just indulging that creates the need for a post-holiday detox. There are many things that contribute to stress for our bodies and immune systems over the holidays. The work and worry that goes into planning for holiday events, as well as traveling back and forth puts stress on body and mind. Lack of sleep due to late nights or worry will also increase the stresses on the body and the immune system.¹

It’s also very easy to lose track of your fitness and exercise routine during the run-up to the holiday season. The change in the weather as well as a long to-do list will take away opportunities to get to the gym or just get out for a walk with friends. A lack of exercise can cause our bodies to be less efficient, and can lead to the onset of chronic diseases such as accelerated aging and metabolic syndrome.² 

A Post-Holiday Cleanse Can Help

Feeling fatigued, bloated, and uncomfortable may be signs that you need to detox, and it’s a great way to start a new year! A post-holiday cleanse and reset may be in order. We will go over some tips and detox supplements that can help you feel your best again. Want to go even deeper? Start with a consultation with Dr. Forrest.



Tips for a Post-Holiday Reset Infographic

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7 Supplements to Consider in the New Year

Vitamin Supplement Pills Capsules

Now that the new year has arrived you may be thinking about ways to help this coming year be better than the last. Many people make resolutions about how they are going to improve their overall health, sleep, fitness, or mental health, but few people actually follow through.

If you want this year to be different, there are a few things you can try, and using supplements can give your body the support it needs to be stronger and more well regulated. We will go over some of the best supplements to consider to help you achieve your goals.

The category of dietary supplements covers a lot of ground. In general, supplements are specific food and herbal components that are added to the diet in the form of pills, powders, or liquids.¹ These have been researched for many years, and we continue to learn more about them as our knowledge of science and chemistry expands.

We will cover only a very few of the best supplements available to help you ring in a healthier and happier new year.

Best Supplements for Energy and Mood

Energetic man sitting on chair

Improving your mood and energy levels can help you to make good choices and follow through on other aspects of life that can bring better health, such as exercise and socializing.

1.   Passionflower

Also known by the name Passiflora incarnata, passionflower is a beautiful flowering vine that has been shown to have a positive effect on anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It has also been found to reduce the body’s stress reactivity which helps support the adrenal system. Passionflower has been found to be just as effective as some prescription medications for these same issues.²

2.   Reishi Mushroom

This ancient mushroom, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, has a long history of use for increasing health and vitality for thousands of years. Reishi mushrooms are full of bioactive constituents that have been found to have many, many benefits such as helping regulate blood sugar and protecting the liver from injury. This supplement is high in antioxidants and is also antiviral and antimicrobial.³

3.   Selenium

Research has found that selenium, a micronutrient that cannot be synthesized by the body, is vital in helping support the immune system and even helps reduce the presence of inflammatory markers in the body.¹

4.   Vitamin C

Yes, vitamin C, that old stand-by that everyone says you should take when you get a cold! Researchers have found that Vitamin C is an important player in modulating the immune response and supporting many cellular functions throughout the body.¹ So don’t wait until you’ve got the sniffles to start taking it!

Best Supplements for Overall Health

Supporting the basic function of the body can help lead to better health.

5.   Fiber Supplements

Since only about 5% of Americans get the recommended level of fiber in their diet, fiber supplements can help. Increasing the level of fiber not only helps with bowel function, but can lower cholesterol levels and help regulate blood sugars.⁴

6.   Fish Oil Supplements

The omega-3 oils provided by supplements have been shown to have many benefits. They can reduce triglycerides in the bloodstream, relieve rheumatoid arthritis, and even slow the progression of macular degeneration that comes with aging.⁵

7.   Vitamin D Supplements

Our bodies can make vitamin D in response to sunshine, but otherwise we have to get it from our diets or supplements. Most Americans do not get enough sun to manufacture enough vitamin D, and deficiency levels have been rising. Vitamin D has been found to be vital to cellular and immune function and helps create antimicrobial peptides, helps the body absorb calcium, and can even reduce cancer cell growth.¹

Forrest Health Is Your Source for the Best Supplements

Shop these supplements and much, much more at Forrest Health to help get your new year off the best start possible. Increasing your health and vitality can be easy with the right support and guidance. If you would like to consult personally with Dr. Forrest, contact us today to set up an appointment to learn about the best supplements for your specific and personal needs.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and productive new year from all of us here at Forrest Health!


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9 Health Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

For thousands of years, ginkgo has been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It’s also a popular dietary supplement due to its ability to promote healthy blood flow and improve memory.¹ Ginkgo also has other health benefits you may not be aware of. Let’s find out more about it.

What Is Ginkgo Biloba?

ginkgo biloba texture

Ginkgo Biloba, or Maidenhair Tree, is a tree that grows in China and Japan. It’s believed to have been around for over 270 million years—making it one of the oldest living species on earth. Because of its long history on the planet, it is also sometimes called the Fossil Tree. The fruits resemble small apricots and the seeds (also called ginkgo nuts) are also edible.¹

Ginkgo is a common tree used for planting along streets and is found in parks in the United States. Its unique fan-shaped leaves and graceful branches add beauty wherever it grows.

Historically the nuts and fruits have been used for medicinal purposes. Today, it is more common for the leaves to be used as an herbal supplement. Ginkgo biloba has been well studied by scientists to learn about its health benefits.²

History of Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is believed that members of the royal court in ancient China would eat the seeds of the ginkgo fruits to help relieve senility. The leaves of the tree are used to treat memory loss and other problems, and it has become popular in western countries as well.¹

The tree was used as a medicinal herb in traditional Chinese medicine to treat many ailments such as memory loss, poor circulation, kidney and bladder issues, and asthma. Ginkgo Biloba supplements are still used today for these same issues, as well as preventing Alzheimer’s disease by improving blood flow to the brain.²

Ginkgo Biloba Benefits

Ginkgo biloba is an herbal supplement that’s been found to be helpful for a variety of issues. Most well known is its usefulness in treating memory loss and cognitive decline.

Due to its high level of antioxidants, ginkgo biloba supplements may have a wide variety of health benefits.³ Let’s look more closely at some of the benefits and uses of Ginkgo biloba:

1.   Anti-inflammatory

Research has shown that the anti-inflammatory effects of Ginkgo biloba supplements may help with conditions such as arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. It may also help to reduce inflammation associated with other illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.⁴

2.   High in Antioxidants

The high level of antioxidants found in ginkgo biloba have been found to be beneficial to humans in a number of ways. Increased antioxidant levels are noted to be helpful in slowing some of the effects of aging and can even help reduce the incidences of certain cancers.²

3.   Increases Circulation

While scientists have been able to document that ginkgo helps improve circulation, especially in older adults, more research is needed to understand exactly how this happens.⁴ Increased circulation and improved blood flow helps to improve overall health and can also reduce the incidence of certain illnesses.

4.   Lowers Anxiety

Those powerful antioxidants may be at play here again, but research has shown the adults who regularly use ginkgo biloba supplements report significantly lower anxiety levels.³

5.   Improves Brain Function and Memory

Past research showed that ginkgo biloba supplements helped with age related dementia and cognitive decline. While recent research has not been able to replicate those results, it is possible that the improved blood flow and reduction in inflammation may play a part in improving brain function and memory.⁴

6.   Supports Healthy Eyes

It is believed that the increase in circulation created by taking ginkgo biloba supplements may also help improve vision. Some participants in research studies reported increased acuity of their vision but more research is needed.⁴

7.   Relieves Headaches

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of ginkgo may help soothe or reduce the frequency of headaches. Use with caution if you suffer from migraines, as the increase of blood flow to the brain could bring on a headache.⁴

8.   Helps Lessen PMS Symptoms

Research has shown that ginkgo can help significantly reduce the occurrence and severity of the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS.⁴

9.   Helps Relieve Breathing Disorders

African woman taking beauty supplements for glowing skin

Since asthma and COPD are inflammatory disorders of the lungs, it makes sense that ginkgo would be helpful in reducing the symptoms of these breathing disorders. Researchers found a reduction in inflammatory markers when ginkgo was used in conjunction with the prescribed treatments for these illnesses.⁴

Forrest Health Is Your Source for Ginkgo Supplements!

Here at Forrest Health we want to help you reach your peak wellness and happiness. Shop our collection of ginkgo biloba supplements and learn more about how this amazing herbal supplement can help you today.

Make sure to check with your doctor or medical provider before starting any new herbal supplement as drug interactions and side effects are always possible.


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